Miasm and Mind Rubrics by Dhiraj Nanda

Book review by Mansoor Ali MD (Hom)

Name of the books : Miasm & Mind Rubrics + Miasm & Mind

Author : Dr.Dhiraj Nanda

Email : dr_dhirajnanda@yahoo.com

Published by : Nanda Publications. Secunderabad. India

Price : Rs. 250/ + Rs.75/-

“Their beginning was promising, the continuation less favorable, the outcome hopeless….”

According to author – This is what happens if we treat the patient without using the knowledge of miasm.

One of the main problems we encounter in practice is the conversion of the patient’s symptoms in the proper language of the repertory. In order to overcome this problem we should understand exactly the meaning of each rubric, sub rubric with cross references and remedies including miasmatic back ground.

The mental rubrics especially, are difficult to understand by dictionary meanings alone. We should understand the correct interpretation assigned to a particular rubric from the mouth of great teachers and by constant practice. Many of the rubrics are of similar meaning but confusing also.

Author had tried with best efforts, knowledge and hard work to make this a valuable work by his years of experience, constant practice and teaching.  He taught the rubrics of mind to MD students of SKH Medical College. Beed and presented many seminars at various places on the same subject.

This work will help the practitioners and students to select the correct miasmatic rubric to arrive at similimum and there by effective prescription.

Readers are requested to go through the book Miasm and Mind first then Miasm & mind rubrics, because detailed mental expression of three miasms are explained in the first book, which help us to understand the rubrics and their miasmatic back ground clearly and easily.

This work is mainly based on the ‘Notes on Miasm’ by P.S.Ortega, and the author requested all the readers to read pages 151 & 152 from Notes on Miasm.

This book will give an idea about various aspects of Hahnemann like his contribution to chemistry, his personality, his view on marriage, contemporary views on the Chemist and Pharmacist Hahnemann, his daily routines etc.  This may not be available in some other books.

Hahnemann made nearly 14 contributions to the world of chemistry which mentioned in this book chronologically.

Discovery of miasm

Author explained interestingly how Hahnemann discovered the miasm.

He was convinced by repeated experimentations and study spanning about 12 years that :

  1. Disease treated always returned after sometimes with new symptoms or new form
  2. Re-appeared with intensity
  3. Only a transient of deep seated  malady presented before the eyes
  4. Complete disease owed its existence due to some chronic miasm

“Their beginning was promising, the continuation less favorable, the outcome hopeless….”

According to author – This is what happens if we treat the patient without using the knowledge of miasm.


  • Rubrics from Synthesis Repertory, Murphy’s repertory and Complete repertory included.
  • Each rubric is followed by
  • Meaning
  • Miasmatic back ground
  • Remarks about miasmatic interpretation


  • Miasmatic understanding of rubrics
  • Prologue
  • Two zeros from Hahnemann
  • What went wrong
  • Introduction to miasm
  • Causa causorum
  • Discovery of miasm
  • Diathesis, disposition & miasm
  • Three miasms
  • Omnipresence of miasm
  • Observing miasm at the level of mind
  • Miasms and life
  • Are chronic disease adaptations
  • Journey of life and disease
  • Miasm & symptompathophysiology
  • Mind and psora
  • The expression of psoric mind
  • Mind and sycosis
  • The expression of sycotic mind
  • Mind and Syphillis
  • The expression of syphilitic mind

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