The Sensation in Homoeopathy by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Book review by Dr Rajiv Abraham 

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2nd Edition, Reprint 2006

This much awaited book is latest in offering of Dr.Sankaran’s method and contains his most significant contribution, ”The Seven Levels of Experience”. which enables a homoeopath to know at all times, in any given case, where to begin and where to aim.

These are Name, Facts, Feeling, Delusion, Sensation, Energy and unnamed Seventh Level. In this work Sankaran has developed a new method of case taking where the presenting complaint of patient is tackled so as to reach the vital sensation, that according to author is deeper to delusions ,deeper than mind and body where both mind and body converge.

This ruling sensation is reflected through the emotions, through the delusions, through the dreams, through the interests and hobbies, through the relationships, through the fears. The vital sensations are common sensation that connects both mind and body.

These according to Sankaran are non –Human specific phenomena and thus takes us directly to the source remedy itself. This book elaborates on the journey of development of system from staring fro The Spirit of Homoeopathy to Insight to Plants.

The Books is in 3 parts. Ist  part elaborates on evolutionary though process and main concepts.
The second part on vital sensation and cases.
Part III deals with new insights like seven level of experience, Miasms followed by case taking, source language, cases and follow up.

There is section on acute and children cases.
An appendix at last as Miasmatic summary and table on Miasms and Plant families.
Also included is Flow chart on new case taking process.

The new method of working case a definite path is followed a means by which to observe and utilize active energy patterns of the patient (Hand Gestures and body movements),plus a way of matching the patient’s level to remedy potency that’s required.

Dr.Sankarn’s system incorporates miasm and kingdom classification as well as “levels”into one comprehensive, sophisticated, way of perceiving the patient. It enables the use of numerous remedies, including some not well proved and in many other cases to use old remedies in a entirely new light with a deeper perception and understanding

Before the reading the work its highly advisable to get acquainted with earlier work of Sankaran right fro The Spirit of Homoeopathy.

The books is excellent printed with hard bind and is well worth. Excellent for advance learners.

Dr Rajiv Abraham BHMS,MD(Hom)
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