This Google Poll shall determine the future of Homeopathy in India

A nationwide survey on Homoeopathy organisation 

This Google Poll shall determine the future of Homeopathy in India. The poll shall last 5 days. The result shall be exposed to state and national media

Kindly take it seriously and spread it across the fraternity and even to the docs to the remotest places in India. The inputs are growing in numbers in a big way.

Dear students, teachers, professionals and everyone engaged with Indian Homeopathy fraternity in any role anywhere in India or abroad.

We are at an extremely crucial moment in time when our fraternity is at the lowest point in time, neglected, ignored and sidelined by central and state policymakers/govt.

A well-defined national and state leadership with privileges as in powerful communication to central and state governments representing our entire fraternity that was felt a crucial need in the shortest possible time frame.

A requirement of a nationwide survey is being opted by the movement and the team who lead the proposal. It shall be propagated to every Homeopath in the country through all possibilities in mainstream and social media and we look at arriving at a result in 5 days from its launch.

Requesting deep support from all homoeopathy fraternity


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