Treatment of Psoriasis in Homoeopathy- A case Report

Dr  Nandini S M

ABSTRACT -Psoriasis is an immune mediated disease clinically characterized by erythematous, sharply demarcated papules and rounded plaques covered by silvery micaceous scale. Most common dermatologic diseases affecting upto 2% of world’s population

Here is a case of 23 year old male diagnosed with psoriasis was treated with homoeopathic medicine

Etio-pathogenesis is unknown however it is considered to be an immune mediated disorder.The cause behind psoriasis is not well understood but it has been observed that factors such as stress, trauma, shock are capable of triggering it. Studies  shows that psoriasis is multi factorial in pathogenesis. There may be genetic susceptibility associated with HLA-CW6 or psoriasis gene: PSORS 1-9 located on different chromosomes. The triggering factors shows association with Beta- hemolytic streptococcal infection, drugs, stress, excessive  intake of alcohol, smoking and trauma

Psoriasis can affect any age group but mostly between 11-60 years, usually begins between 20-30 years, males and females are affected equally . The skin lesions are variably pruritic. The most common variety of psoriasis is called Plaque type

Case: A 24 year old male patient from middle socio economic status family reported to Out Patient Department of Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital , Banglore on 24/02/2020 with the complaint of itching with eruptions in anterior part of chest and neck since 7 years and increased since 4 months. Itching is more when he sweats more, exposes to sun and takes non-veg  especially  chicken and fish and feels better by taking bath(tepid water). Eruption was oozing before but gradually became dry now which is more on taking oily food. Peeling and scaling of skin is present, scaling is of white which is more during winter season. Affected parts are cracked and bleeds occasionally on scratching. His complaints are usually more during winter season and will be better in summer season


Medical history:  got Chicken pox at the age and Hepatitis at the age of 11

Treatment history: Has taken allopathic medication for chicken pox and Hepatitis

Had taken Allopathic tablets and ointment for presenting complaint but not brtter

Allergic H/O :Allergic to dust, diet ( oily food -when he takes the existing complaint(itching) becomes aggravated)


  • Diet                     :Mixed
  • Appetite              :Good
  • Thirst                  :Thirstless, takes 2-3 glass/ day
  • Cravings             : Spicy food  ,Non  veg
  • Aversion             : NS
  • Bladder habits    : 2-3times/day
  • Bowel habits      :Once / day Regular, no difficulty
  • Sleep                   :Good
  • Dreams               :N.S
  • Perspiration        :Generalised
  • Thermals            :Chilly  patient
  • Addictions          :Alcohol-Brandy occ 1 or 2 peg




  • Dryness of skin-Anterior part of chest
  • Reddish eruptions
  • Peeling of skin
  • Scaling –white
  • No discharge or bleeding


  • Indifference- towards his family
  • Likes company- only with friends
  • Carelessness


  • Mind :Company- desire for
  • Mind :Heedless
  • Mind: Indifference- family, to his
  • Skin: itching-night
  • Skin: itching-perspiration-agg
  • Skin: eruptions-psoriasis
  • Skin: eruptions-desquamation- scales;white
  • Skin: Dry
  • Skin-cracks
  • Generals : Food and drinks- pungent –desires
  • Generals :Food and drinks-meat-desires
  • Stomach: Thirstless

The above-mentioned rubrics were taken for repertorisation. Prescription was made with further reference from Materia medica- Sepia 200


Sepia 200 HS 1dose
Advised to avoid taking oily food, to reduce non-veg
Advised not to apply any ointments or oil on affected parts

FOLLOW UP-12/03/2020

  • Itching of skin is same
  • Dryness is slightly better
  • Eruptions-slightly better
  • Cracks-reducing
  • Physical generals are good

Rx –Placebo TID for 15 day

   FOLLOW UP-4/05/2020

  • C/o Itching –slightly brtter
  • Eruptions –completely better
  • Dryness-better

Rx-Placebo TID for 15 days

FOLLOW UP-19-05-2020

  • C/o itching-completely better
  • Eruptions –completely better
  • Dryness-better

Rx-Placebo TID for 15 day

CONCLUSION: This case shows the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of Psoriasis

Patient consent was taken for images and information to be reported for this Article.


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Dr Nandini S M
PG Scholar MD part -1
Department of  Organon of Medicine And Homoeopathic Philosophy
Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore

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