Twelve tips for the effective use of videos in medical education

videoChaoyan Dong & Poh Sun Goh
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Videos can promote learning by either complementing classroom activities, or in self-paced online learning modules. Despite the wide availability of online videos in medicine, it can be a challenge for many educators to decide when videos should be used, how to best use videos, and whether to use existing videos or produce their own.

We outline 12 tips based on a review of best practices in curriculum design, current research in multimedia learning and our experience in producing and using educational videos. The 12 tips review the advantages of using videos in medical education, present requirements for teachers and students, discuss how to integrate video into a teaching programme, and describe technical requirements when producing one’s own videos. The 12 tips can help medical educators use videos more effectively to promote student engagement and learning.

Best practices in curriculum design and use of educational technology, as well as an understanding of multimedia learning principles should guide video use in medical education. Educators can choose to use existing videos that meet their teaching objectives, or produce their own videos. The latter option requires sufficient technical skill and often, professional guidance. Strategies such as interactive elements in video should be used to promote active student participation.

A balance in the use of multimedia elements should be sought to avoid cognitive overloading.

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