Two national awards to the film directed by a Homoeopathy doctor

  1. Dr Biju KumarBest actor award

Dr Biju Kumar studied at NSS Homoeopathy Medical College Kottayam 1994 and at Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College Trivandrum Kerala 1998

Name of the film : Perariyathavar (Malayalam)

It tells the story of those nameless, faceless marginalized people through the life of a widowed father who works as a scavenger and his eight year old son.  It depicts the real lives of the poor who live in the margin of civilized society with an unusual power and artistic honesty.

Suraj Venjaramoodu has the National Award for the Best Actor comes to Malayalam via his role in Dr Bijukumar’s Perariyathavar .

“It feels great to win this award. All my thanks to Dr. Biju Sir who even thought of casting me in such a film and to producer Anil Ambalakara who came forward to make such a different film,” says the actor.

“It was such an honour to even receive the offer. Biju Sir is a director with a proven track record and so as soon he called me I said yes even before I read the script. I knew the one-line story and I trusted the director,” he adds.

Shot in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam, the film narrates the story of a sweeper who works for the Corporation. The film unfolds through the scenes and incidents witnessed by the sweeper. Nedumudi Venu, Sona Nair, Indrans, Mukesh, Krishnan Balakrishnan and Biju’s son, Govind, play important roles in the movie that takes the viewer through a series of events that has been making headlines in Kerala. Shorn of melodrama or action, Perariyathavar is a tribute to the nameless people who live on the margins of society.

Biju cast Suraj in the lead role because he was confident the actor could do justice to the character. “I wanted an actor who could portray the common man and I wanted someone without starry airs. Suraj was perfect for the role,” says Biju. He goes on to add that the award has come as a shot in the arm for films that deal with social issues and focus on the lives of the marginalised.[Source]

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