Use Ayush Medicines, not only Ayush doctors in National Health Programmes

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Dr Niloy Kumar Adhikary BHMS
It is not good in Government or Private sector, AYUSH doctor will mostly engage themselves only in check up programs  like RBSK, Adolescent health, school health programmes & refer the cases to CHC or DHC etc. without applying their own medicine in need.

They will obviously refer the cases where there is limitation of their system. Only using of man power is not enough but it is also important to give them opportunity to employ their own medicine in different cases and face different cases. Hospital is the main place to explore, evolve them in research activities by observing closely, what is impossible in private practice.

In the case of Ayush doctor this chance is poor. But MBBS doctors improve their knowledge by joining as house physician in busy hospital or by joining in rural hospital but the Ayush doctor by doing house job in allopathic hospital (in many areas) they learn the other management but they remain inexperienced/ not become the evident about their own medicine in various types of cases about the efficacy about their own medicine, only cases of OPD & limited number of cases in IPD those who do house job in their college attached hospital.

They become the evident of cures in some common acute & chronic cases. Without visiting/seeing/observing the various types of cases in AYUSH hospital they will not get the confidence.

Indian structure of homoeopathy course is parallel to allopathy course but lacking is- fully fledged indoor facility in many areas, what we see in allopathic hospitals.

Some teachers, some doctors improved their practical knowledge’s other than degrees – some of them were involved in many homoeopathic institutes, some still attached and sharing their wisdom to the students as well as homoeopathic society. Some never involved in any institutes but their wisdom is valuable to the homoeopathic society. These knowledge’s, these personalities even some not so renowned persons without degree/postgraduate degree in homoeopathy gained very worth knowledge of homoeopathy by their private practice.  So we have to gather all these knowledge or utilize the knowledge for the benefit of homoeopathy.

It is a matter of concern that we have to gain some knowledge/take some help from allopathy doctors also because they have practical expertise in some fields (what we do not have such at this moment), not to utilize their pharmacology knowledge in common ailments but they may help us to employ our medicine to see the efficacy and they will support us if we fail to manage the critical cases. This is important if we want to increase the work area of homoeopathy even in critical cases. I believe there are many allopathic doctors who love homoeopathy also knows their limitation by their heart & they will move forward their hand for the cause of homoeopathy in other wards for the cause of mankind.

If we want to improve the status of homoeopathy/future of homoeopathy we have to look after the colleges, think about the establishment of new homoeopathic or at least integrated AYUSH hospitals, look after the practitioners of homoeopathy- if they have some advance knowledge/wants to upgrade their knowledge, they may be coined with Govt homoeopathic programmes – there by they will be encouraged, they will serve better for the society and will send the admissible cases to the hospitals with IPD facility.  

Some say Central councils role is mainly related to homoeopathic college & hospital & policy making, they have nothing to do for practitioners of homoeopathy other than maintaining central registrar, I do not know the details of work areas of honorable council (state or central) but I think they should think/look about homoeopathic practitioners also because general practitioners also participate in state/central council election.

There are some renowned retired teachers; experienced private practitioners in different parts of the country with vast practical knowledge may be engaged in orientation programme  with special hospital exposure and skill development in some areas, overall homoeopathic orientation may help to encourage , rectify, involve more in different cases, gaining confidence in private clinic as well as hospital service ,- beginner doctor as well as passed many years ago from medical college may also get the chance . Some may not be expert in one field but expert in other field, even a senior doctor may learn something from a junior doctor.

Three main things come out from above discussions – (1) creating opportunities to employ homoeopathic medicine by setting more dispensary/AYUSH health centre (2) more development of homoeopathic college attached hospital by increasing the number of departments/number of beds, new building of only homoeopathic hospital or at least integrated AYUSH hospital by Govt endeavor or by NGO and (3) Reorientation programme for the registered practitioners of homoeopathy.


  1. In last few years all the three things, which have been pointed in the article above,have been done by the Govt. to the sufficient extent.But Homoeopathy has not yet come forward with the definitive repeatable evidences in a clinical set up which can not only satisfy but encourage the policy makers in HEALTH segment to the extent so that they will allow AYUSH esp.Homoeopathy in the National Health Programme.Let us request our leaders & torchbearers having CHAIRS in CCH,CCRH,NIH………. to mobilise the evidences sufficient enough to participate in the National Health Programmes as Dr. Niloy Kr. Adhikari has proposed!!!!!!!

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