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HospitalDr Sudheera A P BHMS,MD(Hom)

The ability of the Homoeopathic physician is best tested during emergencies when the life of the patient is at stake and when the symptoms are vividly pronounced. Physicians with power of perception can pick out a few symptoms which are more troublesome to the patient(at present) and choose the remedy which when administered in a suitable potency will bring instant relief.

It is widely held belief that emergency cases require allopathic treatment. It shows our ignorance, inefficiency and inadequate knowledge in the field of Homoeopathic system of medicine. The numerous rubrics given under the chapter “Emergency” is a proof that Homoeopathic medicines can be chosen for all conditions of the patients and a well chosen remedy will bring instantaneous relief (than another). When Hahnemann was revising 4th edition of Organon of Medicine, Dr.Boenninghausen, who was close to Hahnemann was approached by some of his colleagues to request Hahnemann to allow them to use allopathic drugs during emergencies and Homoeopathic medicines later. When it was conveyed to Hahnemann, he called them “Mongrel sects”.

In this context Hahnemann further states in a foot note to aphorism 67 which reads as follows

“And yet the new sect that mixes the two systems appeals ( though in vain) to this observation, in order that they may have an excuse for encountering everywhere such exceptions to the general rule in diseases, and to justify their convenient employment of allopathic palliatives, and of other injurious allopathic trash besides, solely for the sake of sparing themselves the trouble of seeking for the suitable Homoeopathic remedy for each case of disease and thus conveniently appear as Homoeopathic physicians, without being such. But their performances are on a par with the system they pursue, they are corrupting “.

Emergency cases demand unnatural, quick and correct decisions about the course of treatment, remedies and their potencies. A prior knowledge about various rubrics and their related medicines are the requisites. Elaborate questions can not be and need not be asked. There are many medicines to dig out that lying scattered in the voluminous books for a given case. Homoeopaths have, therefore, always felt the need of a small and intelligible collection where in all the medicines, under each rubrics are brought together in order to enable them to find correct remedy easily and quickly. Dr. Robin Murphy has done a great job through the emergency chapter. But only those who are acquainted with the different rubrics can locate a particular medicine at the time of emergency.

Hahnemann mentions clearly in the aphorism – 82;
“In acute disease, the symptom strike us and become evident to the senses more quickly, and hence much less time is requisite for tracing the picture of the disease and much fewer questions are required to be asked”.

As the symptoms are more evident to the senses, the management of acute diseases are more easy than the treatment of chronic diseases in which the symptoms are not well represented.

The important rubrics in the “Emergency” chapter which are useful in our clinics are;
Allergic reactions
Amputation, pain after
Anaesthesia problems from
Anxiety, pain attacks
Fright after
Performance from upcoming
Back injuries after, spinal injuries

Bites, animals and insects from
Animals, of poisonous or enraged
Spider bites
Bladder, burning pain after catheter
Bladder, retention of bladder painful
Bleeding, blood does not coagulate
Blisters, burn, as from a
Blood poisoning, septicemia
Blood vessels injury to
Bones,broken or fractured, bruised

Chest pain,angina pectoris
Coma, unconsciousness
Child birth during
Emotion after
Sunstroke in
Fever during
Dehydration, loss of fluids
Drug overdose
Eardrum ruptured tympanum
Lightning strike after
Mental symptoms from injuries
Nausea severe
Neck injuries, brachial neuralgia
News shock from bad
Nosebleed, blow from a
Rabies, hydrophobia
Suicidal, acute depression
Synovitis, joints
Ulcers, inflamed
Vomiting, violent

Some similar rubrics are given with different group of remedies.
Eg: Bladder, burning pain after catheter
Catheter, bladder ailments from

Death apparent

Sun exposure worse from

1) Homoeopathic Medical Repertory- Dr. Robin Murphy
2) Homoeopathy In Emergencies Of Medicine-J.Benedict.D’ Castro

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