West Bengal NRHM doctors’ submitted memorandum

State committee of West Bengal AYUSH doctors
Nalikul station bazar, nalikul, hoogly-712407
MOB: 8013150336, 9932916538

Sub: Memorandum of newly appointed G.P. level AYUSH MOs under NRHM.

We are under signed AYUSH MEDICAL OFFICERS Gram Panchayats level appointed by P&RD Deptt. Under NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION (NRHM) have being doing our duties with at most sincerity and dedication with the aim of improving the health status of the public through the main streaming of AYUSH under NRHM.

We express our sincere gratitude and pleasure towards P& RD Deptt., Health & Family Welfare Deptt. and Govt. of West Bengal for sanctioning AYUSH DISPENSARIES in various Gram Panchayats of state of West Bengal as part of NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION.

In most of our dispensaries out patients average is above 50 per day. The Medical officers of AYUSH Dispensaries are compelled to do the duties of Doctors, Compounder cum Dresser and Attendees simultaneously but the main duties of said doctors are provisionally diagnosis the patients, keeping patient registers and stock registers etc. we will force to do the works of CCD & attendees . We would like to bring to your urgent attention that all Dispensaries are working WITHOUT COMPOUNDER CUM DRESSER and bare minimum infrastructure.

Most of our dispensaries are lacking adequate medicines and dispensing materials since Gram Panchayats not having enough funds. Hence kindly provide sufficient funds for infrastructure and medicines to run smoothly Dispensaries.

In spite absent of CCD, scarcity of medicines, dispensing materials & basic OPD requirements we have been doing our duties with at most sincerity and devotion and majority of our dispensaries are running with crowed Out Patients daily which point out how much the public has been benefited through these Dispensaries.

Above all, we are paid only a consolidated remuneration of Rs.8000.00 per months or Rs.400.00 per day (According to memo no. 125-SPHC/5M-1/10 dtd. 29.03.2010) and may be for financial year 2012-2013 Rs.11000.00 per months (According to PIP Draft for the Year 2012-13 of NRHM, WBSHFWS and GOVT. OF W.B.) without any other allowances, benefits likes Medical allowances, House rent & D.A. etc. which considering today’s situation of increased cost living.

But AYUSH MEDICAL OFFICERS under NRHM in different STATES in different levels Dispensaries likes DH, CHC, PHC and GP are getting average Rs.22500 per month. (According to ROP for the year 2011-2012 of NRHM, MOH, and GOVT OF INDIA)

In order to ensure the maximum service to the public, The NRHM Dispensaries should function in full swing. Hence your immediate attention is solicited in the following matters.

1. We request your good selves to take necessary steps to rectify the Above said anomalies and pass necessary order to increase our Remuneration like Rs. 22500.00 per months (According to ROP 2011-2012 of NRHM, MOH, GOVT OF INDIA) on parity with those working in different States in different level in AYUSH Dispensaries under NRHM, so that equal work is compensated equally.

2. Ensure the services of CCD in all GP level Dispensaries under NRHM.

3. Ensure the adequate MEDICINES & EQUIPMENTS according to the need in individual Dispensaries.

4. A clear direction may be given by the Govt. to the Gram Panchayats regarding INFRASTRUCTURES with relating services with Dispensaries.

5. We request you to prepare proper GUIDELINES for GP level AYUSH MOs under NRHM.

6. We request you to ensure The Payment of Remuneration of AYUSH MOs at first week of every month.

6. Ensure the AUTORENWAL of AYUSH MOs under NRHM till 65 years or till survival of NRHM.

7. We request you to please honour us with the designation Homoeopathic/ Ayurvedic / Unani Medical Officer not with Part time Ayush Medical Officer.

8. Last but not the least we request you to take proper steps for CHANGING THE DEPTT. from P&RD Deptt. to H&FW Deptt. Govt. of W.B. We want under same umbrella of NRHM under health Deptt. Govt. of W.B.

The medical service is the noblest service to mankind and we are thankful to you for giving us this opportunity to serve the suffering. It is humbly requested that necessary steps may be initiated at the earliest for the smooth functioning of GP level Dispensaries under NRHM.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully.

Copy enclosed to
1. List of other States with Remuneration amount.
2. ROP YEAR 2011-12 of NRHM, MOH, GOVT OF INDIA (Mainstreaming of AYUSH) of all States.
4. Signature of GP level AYUSH MOs under NRHM from all over WB.( District wise)vv


  1. amar mone hoi toder baba ra cheachilo toder doctor banabe….kintu tora to ar doctor hote parli na …..seijonno DHUDER SAD GHOLE METABAR JONNO OI JHAR_FUK(HOMEO) bidya nie porechis……..but i think DUDHER SAD GHOLE KONODINO METE NA……lol…………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    • to subir ;bhms porte hoe joint die, tor bap er moto kalo taka sobar thakle sobai mbbs, r engineering porte pare, but tor moto goru bujhbe na homoeopathy ki, pas kote gele koto porasuno korte hoe.

      • Toder oi homeopathy joint ota bachhader khelar jinisher moto joint.asol joint to holo mbbs,engineering er joint.ar valo student ra alaways sei joint die mbbs,engineering pore…….tar jonno oto khorcha korte hoi na…ar toder(homeopath) moto goru gadhara sarajibon oi homeopathyr puria beche jibon katie dei……LOL

      • Debashish…..gandu…ekta kotha son amra MBBS ra sob somoy toder oi homeopath bidyake jhar-Fuk bidya bolei mone kori…..gandu….back benchers student er dol homeo pore….

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