What happened at CCRH Interview? – Real story of a candidate

interviewThis is the story of a person, who was neglected two times by Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, India.

I would like to introduce myself as Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta, here by solicit homeopathic communities support towards my passion for Homeopathic Research.

I was worked as Senior Research fellow under Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) at Regional Research Institute for Homeopathy(RRIH), Mumbai (5.12.2006 to 31.12.2008) and Gudivada (26.02.2009 to 20.06.2009) CCRH is the prestigious Government organisation for research in Homeopathy, which is an autonomous body working under the department of AYUSH.  It is a dream for every young enthusiastic scientist to work under CCRH.

I was selected in written test for the interview of the post of Research officer and attended for the interview on 16th June 2009, But I was not selected in the interview, there were 9 posts announced at that time, out of selected candidates very few had experience as Research fellow under the central council for Research in Homeopathy.  I was very much disappointed with the manner the interview was conducted, hardly it took five minutes for the candidate, the persons in interview panel had no concentration in extracting the researching ability of the candidate.

I was waited for two and half years out of my passion towards Homeopathic Research, again applied for the Research officer post, this time there was no written test, candidates were called directly for interview on 21st and 22nd of November 2011, there were 5 posts announced. This time also I was neglected. The candidates who had no Research experience were selected as Research officers.

I have great passion towards Homeopathy,  I was worked with Dr.Nirupama misra, Dr.K.C.Muralidharan at RRI, Mumbai under CCRH, Dr.Jindal, Biomedical division, Dr.Paranjape, Solid state physics in Baba Atomic Research Center, Scientists (BARC), Mumbai,  I was worked as SRF under CCRH for the project ‘Fundamental Research’.  “An Exploratory Study on Scientific Investigations in Homeopathy Using Medical Analyzer.” Our study is published in an international jounal, ‘ the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine’ (JCAM),UK.


Right from the college days of BHMS, I was interested in Homeopathic Research.  I started to dwell on the subject ‘scientific evidence behind the action of Homeopathic medicine’. I have been conducted many experiments with Homeopathic medicines, My research work is published in  well-known websites

1 http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-scientific-research/an-endeavor-to-illustrate-an-objective-evidence-for-the-action-of-homeopathic-medicines-by-measuring-physiological-variability-in-human-body-temperature/

2 http://www.homeorizon.com/homeopathic-articles/homeopathic-researches/action-of-homeopathic-medicines

3 http://www.homeobook.com/thesis101.pdf (Site is under renovation)

My Research paper was approved for the national and international seminars.

Title: “An Endeavor to Illustrate an Objective Evidence for the Action of Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Physiological Variability in Human Body Temperature”

1.Liga Medicorum  Homeopathica Internationalis, New Delhi, 1-4 December ( LIGA – 2011)

2. Seminar conducted by Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians, New Delhi,November(IIHP -2011)

I wrote a book on Homeopathic Research “ My Homeopathic Experimental Life”.




I have actively participated in online Homeopathic discussion forums. My research work is appreciated by Homeopathic stalwarts like George Vitholcus, Robin Murphy and Misha Norland. A scientist from UK Alex Hankey, Theoritical Physics was impressed and came to India to investigate my work.

Unfortunately both the  times I was not allowed to explain my research work in the interview. That’s why I said that persons in interview panel had no interest in extracting the candidates’ research ability. I am very much frustrated  ‘why I was neglected by the council? What is the mistake I was committed?.

I may not be selected for the post but the candidates who are having real enthusiasm towards Homeopathic research will not be affected by this kind of candidate selection in future for research officer (scientist) post.

My online address: http://homeoresearch.blogspot.com
Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta, MD (Homeo)
Mail : drdevendrakumarmd@yahoo.co.in


  1. may be they don’t want some one expert experience in research because of fear open any issue in council you open their unethical
    conduct they want some navie who don’t get into their misconduct to create issue

  2. Dear Dr Devandra Kumar,
    I just happened to see your blog. After all these years have you succeeded in obtaining a research position in a prestigious institute? Don’t be disappointed by this sort of thing. It happens very much in India as in many organizations top positions are held by people who reach there through manipulations, influence, recommendations, connections etc. You can’t expect most of them to have genuine passion or spirit of research. This is the experience of many persons who have genuine passion for research in any field. And this is one of the reasons why fundamental research is still in infancy in India.

    Incidently, I am a retired professor of English. I happened to have an experience of cure with the use of homeopathy medicine and became an ardent student of homeopathy. For the past three years I have been studying homeopathy through books and research articles and websites. I have managed to acquire almost all of the great works both old and contemporary.

    Even if you do not get a research post in any prestigious institute in India, do not give up hope. Keep the passion for research kindled, and eventually you will get the opportunities.
    With good wishes,
    Dr V S Antony

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