What might have happened if Dr Kent knew it?

Dr Rakesh Gohel

You might be astonished to read this that which thing dr. kent did not know as he was master of all subject. He is one whose star in the sky of Homoeopathy can never wane. This is absolutely right but one thing which is actually underestimated in spite of its inestimable value that is “HAHNEMANN’S NEW ALTERED BUT PERFECT METHOD”, which is now a days termed as “LM Potency”, “50 Millesimal potency, ‘Q-potency’ (Lat. Quinquaginta milia).This method remains unpublished during life time of Dr Kent.

Dr. Kent was master in prescribing and he well digested what Hahnemann wanted to say. What Kent follow was the Organn of 4th and 5th   editions. He laid stone for Hahnemann’s actual Homoeopathy.

Around the year 1840 the Master (even though he was in his eighties!) began to introduce his new LM potency into clinical practice to complement his C potencies. Shortly before Samuel Hahnemann passed away he shared the method of administering the LM potency with Baron von Boenninghausen. After Samuel’s death Melanie Hahnemann told the Baron von Boenninghausen that the 6th Organon would soon be published. When he announced this event to his colleagues, Melanie asked him to remain quiet on the subject until after she published the work. Out of respect for Hahnemann’s widow the Baron did not disclose all the information in his possession. Apart from Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann it appears that only Baron von Boenninghausen had tested the LM potency in the clinic.

In 1857 the Baron wrote:
“In the new edition of the Organon which will probably appear yet in the course of this year, improved and completed by Hahnemann himself, a new simplified procedure for the potentizing of medicines will be taught, which has considerable advantages over the former and yields a preparation as to the efficacy of which I can, from my own experience, give full praise. I know this procedure but according to my pledged word of honor, am not as yet permitted to communicate it to anyone.” (The Lesser Writings; C. M. F. Boenninghausen, Aluminium Metallicum, footnote, page 74.)

Bönninghausen family had been owners of this “treasure”- 6TH edition of Organon since Mélanie’s death in 1878.Twice this manuscript of Hahnemann was in danger of being lost, once during the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and once during the military over-running of Westphalia during World War I of 1914-18.

Hahnemann-biographer Richard Haehl (1873–1932) with the financial support of the American homoeopaths William Boericke (1849–1929) and James W. Ward (1861–1939), to buy Hahnemann’s bequest (including the Organon manuscript) from the Bönninghausen family and published it in  1921.

Dr. Kent died in 1920. So it is a point to understand that Kent was not well versed or aware of this new altered but perfect method. If he might have knowledge and experience of it then it might have been BOON for us as the Gordian Knot of Burning Posology might have been cut off and we all might be sharing common plateform in selection of potency, because irrespective of susceptibility Hahnemann suggested in § 246 & § 270 F.N. last lines that in selection of potency — Begin with lowest degrees and if medicine finish then “Add next solution of same medicine If still indicated, In higher potency.”à § 248. Sensitivity come later on , he says that if patient is sensitive then dilute the dose of given remedy with another glass of water and give it, still more if patient is greatly sensitive further dilute the medicine in 3rd , 4th or so on glass of water à  §248 F.N. So Hahnemann here says to dilute the dose more if patient sensitive rather then changing the potency.

Lastly one may have question in his reason gifted mind that what difference could have created in Homoeopathic field even if Dr.Kent knew it. Answer may be that, what is the level of awareness for this new, altered and perfect method even after publication of 6th edition in 1921. Dr. Kent is the one who still alive in the hearts of Homoeopath through his epoch making works, if he advocated this method then the picture might be different as every one might be using it with confidence as not a single stalwarts have spoken of this method.

Advantages of LM potency:

  • Quickest accomplishment of the Cure à § 246.
  • Even those remedy whose action is of long duration can be Repeated daily for months with success. à §248
  • In Acute fever, the small dose even of medicine of long continued action may be repeated at short interval. à § 270 foot note.

So lastly like to say,” Do Not Underestimate Hahnemann’s Inestimable New, Altered but Perfect Method for the welfare of human kinds.”

Dr Rakesh GohelL
HOD Reprtory
PG Dept Dr.VH Dave Homeopathic  Medical College, Anand (Gujarat)
Email: drRakesh@jagma.com

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