Where is the Homoeopathic market going to be by year 2050?

Where is the Homoeopathic market going to be by year 2050 ? A plausible future IF: ?
Rolland Conte
Since 200 years the world annual sale’s volume of homoeopathic product remained very low at less than 1% of the total medicament sales.

From 1976 the total annual sales of 43 billion US $ went to 283 billion US $ by the year  2000. This fantastic absolute value growth was not exhibited for homoeopathic products. After all 1% would yield by year 2000 around 3 billion US $ sales, for a limited family size homoeopathic laboratories.

In our prospective approach we will try to answer to that situation, and at the light of recent work on high dilutions develop a plausible future for homoeopathy. 

This short overview clearly explain why is “Homoeopathy : The Big NONO”. Not be a wave nor a particle how to create “attractiveness”?

Since 1996 a full description of the specificity of the homoeopathic product was published, and nobody in the homoeopathic world would do the simple verification proposed: an auto irradiation ‘like Becquerel experiment” on a simple Kodak beta film!

The future of this type of medicine used on large scale lies therefore in the hands of professional laboratories in the allopathic field having intellectual resources acquainted with all aspects of science.

The giant pharmaceutical laboratory have all the assets needed, human, capital, … to develop this supramolecular’s products. Homoeopath will use them as “traditional”.

An objective of 10 billions dollars per annum would be achievable in few years, providing the availability of hardware and software to assist physicians like described in “betadiag” witch is a system to help diagnosis “homoeodiag ®” and simulate the required treatments.

The volume of equipment needed counts in millions of units: software from Microsoft, beta counter Tricarb from Packard Instrument, supramolecular products characteristics (beta spectrum) from pharmaceutical company, supplies from 3M, Johnson, …

We are talking about how to completely revolutionize pharmaceutical medicine along Hahnemannian principles. Using identification systems of beta scintillation and beta diagnostics, “supramolecular medicines of the future” can be marketed under current homeopathic regulations that govern the manufacturing and branding of homoeopathics.

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  1. Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals ,Industry of late is going Allopathic way.
    We Need to serously work to make Dreams come true of Late Dr Diwan Harish Chander ,Late Dr Kanjilal.in the name of Homeopathic Medicine making Allopathic like medicine is dangerous and can harm the very existence of the system,
    Manufacturing of genuine single remedies should be the goal of Homeopathic pharmaceuticals, and criteria of evaluation

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