Successful prescribing in Homeopathy

Dr. Anita S. Salunke
It is common difficulties for the beginners and practitioners that what should be given importance to while taking a case. There are different homeopaths with different approach.

Example: – Some
1) view a case from its pathology
2) Consideration of the mind only, details of the person
3) The physicals of the person
4) Characteristics / PQRS in a case

Again it is observed that the totality contains an alternating image, or one set of symptoms at one time and a different set another time. The prescriber’s view may be formed from one group today and from another after the change, which leads to change of remedy with every shift, but at the end of the year the patient has grow steadily worse. Yet he has cured (?) Each group of symptoms of his patient satisfactory.

Even there are various school which promoters different way of practice. Every homeopath or school talks of (a) how well to take a case (b) how to analyze (c) what to prescribe?

Very few talk about the process of cure; few are concerned with the follow-up, analysis of the case. If every one with different approach talks about cure, then what is cure? Who of them are right or wrong homeopath? How will you judge the cure?

Only the follow-up of a case tells! What one has to see in the follow up are again great difficulties? It is rightly said, “eyes do not see, until mind perceives”. If a person visits a painting exhibition and if he is unaware of what is to be seen in painting, he will not understand the beauty or mistake of that painting.

Same way, if we know what one has to perceive in follow-up he can a avoid a mistake of careless prescribing, know the right direction of cure and be sure that he has given right or wrong remedy.

Three things are very important in follow-up: –
A) Proof of similimum :
After the 1st dose of similimum it is said that medicine will act after so and so days. It is sometimes seen that one waits even for 3-5 months to get desired effect. And then it is claimed homeopathy is slow acting: Is it true? How can this be possible? It is reaction of the vital force against the rightly chosen remedy the cure take place. If a right homeopathic stimulus is given it works in few minutes.

  • 1st thing to see in general sense of well being: patient takes interest in surrounding, he has desired to read, eat, and study.
  • 2nd thing is disappearance of weakness
  • 3rd thing appetite, sleep improved
  • 4th thing constipation has to improve. This is very important, to be healthy our body has to eliminate waste products, clear the toxins in the form of stools, urine and perspiration.
  • 5th thing increase in tolerance to aggravating factors example cold food, drinks, dust.
  • 6th thing decrease in sensitivity to rudeness, offense
  • 7th thing disappearance of pain and also disappearance of symptoms by hering’s law of cure.

B) Hering’s law of cure :
It is the most important thing to be seen in almost all the cases except in incurable cases where irreversible pathological changes have taken place. Even in such cases compensatory cure can be established.

Example: if a patient is under the treatment of cancer and he gets diabetes, its no problem? Let him leave with diabetes that is his compensatory cure.

Homeopathy is not complete without Hahnemann’s law of similar and hering’s law of cure. It is guiding point to understand the prognosis of patient in disease as wall as cure.

It is interesting to know that hering’s law of cure is based on embryology. The development of embryo, growth and maintenance of human being corresponds to the corollaries of this law of cure. Dr. P. Vijaykar in his book, “theory of suppression” has explained it beautifully.

In fact, one will wonder how intelligent Dr. Hering was. In those time inspite of no microscope or knowledge of embryology in depth he formulated this law which is base of foundation of homeopathy.

C) Chart of suppression :
Very few homeopaths are aware that homeopathic medicines can also to dangerous suppression?

It is rightly said, “all that glitters is not gold, all symptoms that disappear are not cured”
Every one knows the universal law of thermodynamics.
“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it has to be transformed from one form to another”.

Universe is a bundle of energy and we are part of it. This law is even applicable to disease, energy and functioning of human body. Disease doesn’t disappear. It is produced in body because of disturbance in this energy. How can it disappear? It has to be transformed. Disturbing energy or force has to be seen in some form i.e. More important organs to less important organs and from center to periphery in the process of cure.

On the basis of hering’s law of cure Dr. Vijaykar has formed this seven-layer chart of suppression. This chart can then be used productively like a compass to gauze the direction of law of cure. This chart will help us to understand what path diseases take in the organs and systems in the mathematical progress of diseases. It can predict what is going to happen after right or wrong homeopathic stimulus.

It is important to remember that a real sense of well being is always accompanied by disappearance of physical symptoms in the right order. It is one of the best means of ascertaining which is the most important prescription is curative or suppressive. It will give definite guideline as to which is the most important organ and which is less important organ.

If patient is taking treatment for acidity, and he gets urinary tract or backache? If he is under treatment of asthma, he gets psoriasis? Whether it is right or wrong? Is it suppression or cure?

To achieve gentle cure it is important to give right constitutional similimum. How to arrive at this? This can be achieved if possession of human being. We as a homeopath doctor are dealing with the most valuable possession of human being i.e. Life. We have no right to play with it on the basis of speculation and theories. Homeopath as is wrongly believed is not just a symptom reliever. He treats, “main in diseases and not disease in men”. He is more like a consultant than a general practitioner treating cold is, cough and acidity.

If we are treating man as a whole we have to understand the internal mechanism of man.

It is necessary to understand.
How he is developed?—————- Embryology
How he functions? ——————- Physiology
What happens in disease? ———- Pathology
What happens in cure? ————- Immunology
How he is different from others?– Genetics

Proper understanding and knowledge of all these sciences can help us to know human being and treat him with any kind of diseases even if it is diabetes, cancer, thyroid, Parkinson’s etc.

Now the science has advanced so much that we are fortunate to understand every mechanism of man. 200 years back dr. Hahnemann said in his book of “the chronic diseases” preface to volume 4th that, “we have no means of reaching with our senses or of gaining essential knowledge as to the process of life in the interior of man…”

“Therefore we have to draw speculative conclusions … As to the manner in which it may have occurred or taken place, that we are unable to furnish conclusive proof of our explanation…” Dr. Hahnemann confessed that he was helpless because of the absence of the advanced “human related” medical sciences such as genetics, embryology, immunology etc.

In fact, we are fortunate enough to have the knowledge f these sciences to help us to reach in the interior of man for treating man. These sciences are foundation, direction for analyzing progression of cases.

There is a fathomless chasm existing between homeopathic principles and science. Knowledge of these sciences will give us a strong foundation to remove homeopathy from the age-old confinement of being a blind symptom based science or a mystic science and introduce it to the world as a post-modern scientific science. With this we can put forth before the homeopathic world a concrete way of practicing homeopathy which if properly understand will reduce to a great extent he element of uncertainty and low success rate prevailing for centuries in homeopathic practice.

Importance of human sciences in homeopathic practice
1) Knowledge of embryology helps us to understand the importance of hering’s law of cure.

2) Knowledge of physiology will make us understand why weakness after homeopathic remedy is a bad sign? Why we abandon ointments, eyes drop strong deodorant etc. Why the symptoms aggravate during moon phases? Do we have to repeat or not?

3) Knowledge of immunology – as you all know, immunity in our body is due to protein balance. So definitely any impairment in protein balance will decrease an immunity, which further leads to disease. So what are these factors?

4) Knowledge of genetics – as you all knows, it is genes, which are responsible for our physical makeup, mental makeup and general makeup. Knowledge of this will help us to understand genetic constitutional similimum. How every individual is different from others? Hahnemann said it is individualization, which is a base of homeopathic prescription.

Dr. P. Vijaykar in his book “theory of suppression” part1 – explained in details the importance of this science in homeopathic practice. Reading this book will lesson the uncertainty prevailing in prescribing and follow-ups and thus increase the scope of homeopath from cough and colds to treatment of cancers. Our school of homeopathy hopes to rectify all that is wrong in the homeopathic class by bridging the gap between the principal and modern science.

Applied physiology helps us to understand the importance of thermals, generals like thirst, perspiration etc., In assessing the constitution. Knowledge of physiology will give an insight to treat mental disorders or failure to treat a case when based on only emotional prescription.

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