Why ratio promotion of Govt employees to the post of Lecturer in Kerala Homoeopathic Medical Education services is unjust

Reasons Why Lateral Entry (Ratio Promotion) of Kerala Govt. Employees to The Post of Lecturer / Asst. Professor in Homoeopathic Medical Education Services is Unjust, Unwarranted & Harmful

Special rule amendment is in the last stage. There is pressure sought to be created on the government to amend the existing rules for recruitment to the entry cadre in Homoeopathic Medical Education Services by including ratio promotion to the existing employees of Govt Homoeopathy Medical Colleges with BHMS qualification. The existing special rules call for only direct recruitment of candidates with specified qualifications for the entry cadre post.   There are no “Lateral entry” or ratio promotions to obtain a posting to the entry cadre.  

We believe that such an amendment to the special rules will be unjust and unwarranted, and will adversely impact the standards of homoeopathic medical education, for the following reasons:

  • Dilution of Academic Standards – The existing system of direct recruitment has the Kerala PSC conducting separate specific recruitment tests for different teaching department’s posts – each exam testing the suitability of the candidates for particular teaching departments.   The psc exam syllabus is different for different teaching posts, testing the knowledge of candidates in the concerned subjects.   This ensures that only the most competent candidates get selected as a lecturer to a particular teaching department.   Ratio promotions will be bypassing this system and diluting the overall academic standards in the long run.
  • There is no such ratio promotion in the Allopathic or Ayurvedic Medical Education department
  • There is no immediate urgency or reason to amend the existing special rule clauses relating to recruitment to entry cadre – there are enough and more qualified postgraduate holders available for direct recruitment
  • The last Kerala PSC exam for direct recruitment was in 2003.    A large number of aspirants with PG qualification since then is waiting for a chance to take part in direct recruitment (PSC) exam, for only a handful of vacancies existing at present.   Allowing ratio promotion in such a situation where very few vacancies are available will be extremely unfair to the thousands of job aspirants outside govt. service.
  • Those who are pressing for ratio promotion point out the similar recruitment rules in homoeopathy department, but there the situation is completely different – There is a large pool of potential vacancies available.   Comparing both departments – there are 522 dispensaries and 27 hospitals with more than 450 entry cadre posts under the homeopathy department, nearly 1000 medical officer posts under various platforms, compared to just 2 Govt. institutions  and only around 35 entry cadre posts in Homoeopathic Medical Education department
  • For govt. employees possessing requisite qualification (PG in the concerned subject), age relaxation for appearing in PSC recruitment exam may be considered by the govt, if they are desirous of getting selected to entry cadre post in homoeopathic medical colleges.

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