Why unique teacher ID required in Homoeopathy Medical Colleges across India

CCH has issued an order mentioning that Unique Identification Number will be given to every college and Unique Teacher’s Code will be assigned to every faculty member in the homeopathy colleges.

Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) is all set to make use of technology to curb its ghost faculty menace. Ghost faculties are those which lend their name to an institution at the time of the inspection, while actually not being employed as a faculty member.

The move will improve the educational level in homeopathy colleges and also create transparency in teaching. The Council has followed a footstep of Medical Council of India to keep a check on ghost teachers in medical colleges through unique identification numbers

In the order released by the council clearly states, “To curb menace of duplicity, all the teachers of homoeopathic colleges upon submission of their details through prescribed online form will be issue with unique teacher’s code.”

The Central Council of Homoeopathy has decided to:

(i) Issue unique code to all teaching staff of recognized Homoeopathic Medical Colleges.

(ii) To maintain information and updates regarding teaching, non-teaching and Hospital Staff of the recognized Homoeopathic Colleges online.

The order clearly states the following instructions for all homeopathy colleges

1. All the homoeopathic colleges will be issued with Unique Institution ID.

2. To curb the menace of duplicity of the teaching staff, all the teachers of the homoeopathic colleges upon submission of their details through the prescribed online form will be issused with Unique Teacher’s Code and the teachers of the concerned colleges will be linked with the colleges based on Teachers Code and Institute ID of the concerened college.

3. An online database of Teachers and colleges is being prepared for the purpose of managing the above said database.

4. All the colleges have to upload the information regarding the teachers/ non-teaching staff hospital staff and all other infrastructure of the college.

5. All the homoeopathic colleges have also to keep updating the details of migration of teachers from one college to other college from one department to other department of the college and the gaps of the service in between, so that the same may also be tracked through the proposed online database.

6. The college authority/Principal should ensure the authenticity and correctness of the information and documents uploaded to the online database and the staff concerned and the Principal would be held responsible for the incorrect and false information/documents (if any) found uploaded.

7. Self declaration of the Teacher/ non-teaching staff/ Hospital staff about his current employment in the college is to be duly signed by Principal and countersigned by the college authority.

“The move is aimed to expose ghost faculty that is arranged by certain homoeopathic colleges during the inspection to show that they have required strength of teachers to run their colleges.” -Dr AK Dwivedi 

“Some private colleges have either ghost medical faculties or guest lecturers to teach students and same faculty members are registered with many colleges simultaneously. This malpractice will end when details of faculty members get uploaded and linked with a particular code,” he further added


Download CCH circular on Unique Teacher ID 

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