Basic Course Workshop on Medical Education Technology

teachers10Basic Course Workshop on Medical Education Technology

Teaching and learning is a much cherished activity; understanding the science behind teaching and learning should be an even more joyous and attractive pursuit.

This workshop provides us with an easy yet essential learning in medical education. At the same time, it reminds us of the long journey that we eventually will be taking in keeping up our good job of producing efficient healers for society by gradually embracing what the rich and dynamic field of medical education has to offer.

There is always a scope for improvement and even the most experienced teacher can improve his/her teaching skills. Educational psychologists strongly recommend training the teacher in art and science of educational technology. Considering the dynamic status of medical education, a medical teacher has to be a lifelong learner and inculcate these principles to the students.

Attempts have been made by NTTC to train the teachers in this regard. Recently the task has been by Medical Council of India to sensitize, equip and empower teachers for discharging their professional responsibilities through functional Medical Education Units.

Thus, we take this opportunity to organize this workshop for medical teachers of this institute. It will focus on the basic aspect of teaching learning process, conventional and newer teaching and evaluation methods by imparting knowledge, sharing view points and training through group exercises.

The exercises will serve to stimulate, enlighten and help you to reach the depth of the subject.

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