The World Federation for Medical Education

wfmeThe mission of WFME is to enhance the quality of medical education world-wide, and to promote the highest standards  in medical education.

This mission is met through the development of standards in medical education, by the promotion of accreditation of medical schools, with the development of databases on medical education, through projects on the future of medicine and medical education, and through other publications and partnerships.

WFME works in partnership with its  six Regional Associations for Medical Education, with global professional and international organisations including the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association, with WFME’s associate members, and with  medical schools world-wide.

The purpose of WFME in promoting better medical education is to improve health care for all mankind. 

WFME’s activities cover all stages of medical education, from basic (undergraduate) medical education, through postgraduate medical education – including vocational training, specialist training, and research doctoral education – and continuing medical education and the continuing professional development of medical doctors.

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