A Lecture on Lycopodium

Dr Shiva kumar

Full name; Lycopodium clavatum.
Common Name; Club moss.Wolf’s claw.
Habitate; (Central and Northern Europe, Russian Asia, and North America. Common in Great Britain, especially the North.)
N O.  Lycopodiaceae.
Preparation;Trituration of spores.
Tincture of spores.Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical conditions;Brights disease,cystitis,eczema, goitre,hair falling off, hemiopia, hernia,impotence, intertrigo,nymphomania.

The spores from which the attenuations are made have been called “vegetable sulphur ” and Lyc.ranks with Sulphur and Calcarea in the central trio around which all the rest of the materia medica can be grouped.

It was praised by Wedel, Lantilius, Gesner, and others  (1) cardialgia and flatulent colic of children and young girls; (2) diseases of children; (3)nephritic colic and calculi which is about as much as some homoeopathists know about it at the present day.

A. Jones (Amer. Hom;:., xx. 283) calls attention to the irritability of Lyc.,and instances the cure of a boy of typhoid with excessive tympanites when the case seemed almost hopeless, the guiding symptoms being: “When awake exceedingly cross, irritable, scolding, screaming, behaving disagreeably,”which was quite different from his usual nature. Lyc. 30 was given.

Drysdale has recorded the cure of a young woman whose hands were covered with warts. One 2 gr. tablet of Lyc. 6 trituration was given at bedtime. The warts soon began to shrivel, and in less than six weeks were all gone.

J. E. Winans points out the appropriateness of Lyc. tothe effects of chewing tobacco. Allen records under Tabac. this symptom:Convulsions, head firmly drawn back, with rigidity of muscles of back of neck;constantly recurring rigid tetanic spasms, muscles of back being principally affected till death a week after he chewed the tobacco.

Sphear of action;Its sphear of action is broad and deep.

It has five special centres of action.

  1. Mucous membranes;Atony,cattarhal inflammation,of lungs,kidney,cauces congestion and painful micturation,
  2. Skin;It produces brown liver spots,papules,eczematous eruptions,unhealthy itching suppurative inflammation. Tissue changes are striking,there is tendency to necrosis,abscess,spreading ulcers and great emaciation.
  3. Digestive organs;Slow digestion, flatulence, constipation.
  4. Liver;It produces congestion,hypertrophy.
  5. Lymphatic glandular;congestion,induration,glands of neck become swollen and indurated. It has profound regulalation action on sebaceous glands.


  • Grauvogle’s carbo-nitrogenoid constitutions. It is particularly suited to:Persons of keen intellect, but feebler muscular development, upper part of body wasted, lower semi-dropsical,lean and predisposed to lung and hepatic conditions,
  • Hypochondriacs subject to skin diseases, lithic acid diathesis, much red sediment in urine,

Fear. Fright. Chagrin. Anger. Vexation. Anxiety. Fevers. Over lifting.Masturbation.Riding in carriage. Tobacco chewing,reserved displeasure.

Mental generals; Prominent among mental symptoms is Fear: of being alone; of men; of his own shadow.

Patient  wants to be alone,does not like company but always feels better while presence of others in next room.Ex-

Apprehensiveness: susceptible to natural causes of fear which make a profound impression on bodily organs, as the liver;

Disposition to be very haughty when sick; mistrustful; does not understand anything one says to them;


Fear of responsibility.Fly even from his children.

Starting complaints, Fear of public speaking, Stage-fright,but  complets  with ease (Sil,Gels) , remedy for public speakers,lawyers,politicians.

Averse to undertaking new things, yet goes through with ease.

Loss of self confidence. Poor self-esteem. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Cannot bear to see anything new.

Anxiety, as if about to die.

Awakes, irritable, angry, sad and anxious.

Love for power. Dominating,cunning.

Can not endure contradiction,irritable,easily angered.

Weeps all day,cannot calm herself,very sensitive even cries when thanked,when hearing distant music.

Physical generals;

  1. Time agg 4pm-8pm.
  2. Right to left complaints.
  3. Better from uncovering.
  4. Prefers warm food and drinks,pt gets relief,
  5. Fan like motion of alaenasi,occurring in cerebral,pulmonary,abdominal complaints.
  6. Sleeps with half closed eyes.
  7. Thermal-externally sensitive to warm atmosphere,when they are head and spinal symptoms,pt is sensitive to cold ,and cold air and cold food and drinks.Lack of vital heat.
  8. Suddenness, sudden flashes of heat, lightning-like pains, sudden satiety.Pains and symptoms come and go suddenly, as with Bell.
  9. One foot hot and another cold.
  10. Great restlessness >motion.
  11. Sensitive to noices,crackling paper,ringing bells, slamming of doors,makes worse and causes fainting.(Nat-m,Ant-cru,Borax)

Children: Weak children with well-developed heads but puny, sickly bodies, Undernourished states suggest it. Irritable,nervous and unmanageable when sick after sleep cross, pushing every one away angrily.

Capricious appetite,eating much with great thirst and yet loosing weight.

Red sand in urine.

Baby cries all day sleeps all night.(Rev-Jal,psor) 


  • Periodical headache with gastric troubles.
  • Hunger headache,(Cactus,phos,psorinum)
  • If red sand in urine continues headache will ameliorates,
  • if urine pale congestive headache returns back.
  • Headache might be said as ureamic headache.
  • Headache and gout complaints alternates.
  • 4-8pm <,Warmth <.Cold application >.
  • Pemature gray hair and bald head early.Furrows over fore head,
  • In brain complaints –wrinkles on fore head –Stramonium
  • In chest complaints – wrinkles on fore head-Lycopodium. 

Eyes;Day blindness (Bothrops)night blindness.

Hemiopia,sees only one half of object,(Lith-carb,Sees only lower half of body-Arum –m)

Eyes half open during sleep.

Ear;Thick,yellow,offensive discharge,Eczema around ear,humming and roaring with hardness of hearing.

Nose; Fluent coryza,nose stopped up,child starts from sleep rubbing nose .

Fan like motion of alae nasi (Ant-t,Kali-b,Phos)

Face; Withered ,shrivelled,and emaciated,Covered with copper coloured eruptions.

Jaw drops in typhoid fever(Opium,muriatic-a)

Looking old then age.Deep furrows and wrinkles.

Mouth; Freaqent dryness of mouth,with thirst,

Great sensitiveness of the submaxillary glands.

Throat; Rt to lt complaints,

Sore throat and pain > by Warm drinks,and warm foods. < cold drinks, tubercular langitis.

<cold things,>warm things.

Every thing tastes sour,eructations,heart burn,wter brush,sour vomiting.

Excessive accumulation of flatulence,constant sensation of satiety,good appetite,but a few mouthfuls fill up to the throat and he feels bloated,

Fermentation in abdomen,with loud grumbling ,croacking,especially lower abdomen,(Carboveg-uppr,China-whole)

Craves sweet,intolerance to oysters.( Onion-Thuja, strawberry –Oxalic acid)

Whatever they eat turns into wind.

Abdomen;Hepatitis,chronic forms,

  • Violent gall stone colic (excellent prophylactic)
  • Nut mug liver,old hepatic congestion,
  • Constipation, very hard stool,first part hard and second part soft,
  • Constipation away from home, since confinement.since puberty,of infants,with ineffectual urging,
  • Rectum contracts and protrudes during stool,developing piles,
  • Discharge of blood from genetals during every stool.
  • Hernia right sided,especially in children. 

Male;Intense sexual desire.

  • Impotence of young men from onanism or sexual excess.
  • Penis small cold and relaxed,old man with strong desire,but imperfect eructions,
  • Falls asleep during an embrace,pre mature emission.
  • Fig warts on genetalia.Enlorgement of prostate. 


  • Chronic suppression of menses,from tuberculosis,or  cancer.
  • Physometra.vagina very dry.burning after coition,
  • Foetus appears to be somersaults.
  • Rt ovary pain radiates to Lt overy.
  • Delayed menarche (Puls) breast do not enlorged,overy not functioned in proper time.
  • Varices of genetalia. 

Back and extremities; Back pain > by profuse urination,

  • Numbness of single parts,emaciation of single parts,
  • Rheumatic pains >warmth,motion. 

Respiratory organs;

  • A very characteristic cough of Lyc., “Dry teasing cough in emaciated boys. The cough of Lyc. is provoked by: Irritation from deep breathing; stretching out throat; and by empty swallowing.
  • Cold settles in the nose and extends to the chest with wheezing and great dyspnoea.<ascending.
  • Dry cough in emaciated boys,
  • Bad neglected cases of pneumonia,base of right lung involved,to hasten the absorption or expectoration.
  • Cough gastric irritation,exhaustion,and intercurrent attacks of pleuracy ,deep hollow,even raising mucus in large quantities,affords little relief.

Skin; painful ulcers,sloughing of ulcers,beneath the skin,cellular troubles,abscess beneath the skin.

Chronic indolent ulcers with false granulations,stinging and smarting pain >applying cold things,

Eczema of infants,Dry and moist eruptions.


Agg;4-8pm,new moon,warmth,lying down,

Ame;continued motion,after mid night,warm food & drinks.

Relation ship; Complementary Lyc. acts with special benefit after calc. and Sulph., Iod., Graph, Lach., Chel. Hydr. follows Lyc. in indigestion.

Reference : 

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 Dr Shiva kumar,M.D(Hom)
Email : drshivasree@gmail.com

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