Australian NHMRC require Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy –Please support


australia3Australian Government – National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) draft Information Paper: Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for treating health conditions Closes on Monday, 26 May 2014, 05:00pm (AEST)

As part of NHMRC’s role to ensure that Australians receive the best available, evidence-based and reliable health advice, NHMRC is examining the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of clinical conditions in humans.

As part of this work, NHMRC is currently seeking feedback on the draft Information Paper: Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for treating health conditions, which provides a plain language summary of NHMRC’s assessment of the evidence on homeopathy.

Please download and read this draft report first and then submit evidences
Conclusion of the report prepared by NHMRC Homeopathy Working Committee
There is a paucity of good-quality studies of sufficient size that examine the effectiveness of homeopathy as a treatment for any clinical condition in humans. The available evidence is not compelling and fails to demonstrate that homeopathy is an effective treatment for any of the reported clinical conditions in humans.

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The NHMRC assessment of the evidence comprises:

Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Clinical Conditions: Evaluation of the Evidence – Overview Report.  This is an independent systematic review of the available systematic reviews (an overview) on the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating a variety of clinical conditions in humans. The overview was commissioned by NHMRC and conducted by Optum.

Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Clinical Conditions: Evaluation of the Evidence – Review of Submitted Literature.  Additional evidence was submitted to NHMRC from homeopathy stakeholder groups and members of the public prior to the commencement of the review.

The purpose of public consultation is to ensure that that the relevant evidence has been identified and appropriately considered in the development of the draft Paper. NHMRC is also seeking feedback about whether the draft Paper is presented in a manner that can be understood by the Australian community.

You are invited to make a submission to NHMRC by providing your comments on the NHMRC draft Information Paper and submitting any additional evidence for consideration.  NHMRC will only give consideration to submissions that address the public consultation questions, are within the scope of the review, and meet the criteria regarding evidence discussed below.


How to make your submission
The preferred option for public submissions is the Online method
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Note : The assessment arrived at by the NHMRC is evaluated by medical Doctors and PhD’s based in Allopathic disciplines. No Homeopathic researchers or scholars are involved and so obviously the conclusions will be biased as the Homeopathic process will not be understood.

  • Dr. Niloy Adhikary

    Please anybody communicate them with our CCRH evidence based study as they will not accept any personal evidence based study. CCRH may submit their comments directly with evidence.

  • Dr. Niloy Adhikary

    Since last 200 years researchers with such materialistic view & wrong approach (following protocol like allopathy) announcing – “homeopathy is no more effective than a placebo.” It is a fact sometimes placebo acts and it is essential to give placebo during treatment for the benefit of patient but it never proves homoeopathic remedial cure is placebo effect. Homoeopathic doctors can submit numerous examples of cure or relief of Asthma, Arthritis, Sleep disturbances, cold & flu etc. There are also examples of failure by the faithful homoeopathic doctors due to wrong selection of medicine. So the placebo myth does not fit here. The main faults of this type of research are –they give placebo to one group and another group same homoeopathic remedy or different homoeopathic remedy with same dose for every patient and observe mainly the subjective symptoms. Homoeopathy never supports this procedure; each and every patient should be merited according to its individuality. By the virtue of natural disease curing process some patient may feel better one time especially in acute phase with or without placebo and if they compare this result with homoeopathic group and declare that homoeopathic cure is due to placebo effect. It is wrong explanation. If homoeopathy is placebo medicine how it works in children and lower animal? Another relative fact is, merely a medicine leveled as homoeopathic and is applied to any patient is not been a homoeopathic approach until it is given following the law of similia, simplex , minimi, totality of symptoms & individualistic approach.
    My question is in this regard, in spite of knowing it (placebo) –why people goes to the homoeopath for curing disease with placebo? Is it possible?
    Another point – the big hospitals / doctors with big big degrees — why they are not trying to cure every disease with placebo, what homoeopaths are doing? Why patient die in spite of all best possible so called modern medicinal treatment?
    I also want to know the qualifications of those researcher, are they studied homoeopathy for 5 to 6 years or more, over &above their basic qualification for research? How long they done their research work? How many patients they studied for their research work? It is important because they are commenting on an established system and still it is the resort of vast number of people and faced many challenges from its inception without any support from business house.
    Actually if the real researchers wants to know the true fact, they have to go beyond the conventional approach – they have to do research on large sample with both subjective & objective symptoms following the fundamental rules of homoeopathy (not disease specific but patient specific) and compare the results of placebo, homoeopathy & allopathy but they have to be unprejudiced observer and they also have to know the Hering’s law of cure and through understanding of homoeopathy and in the research team there should be a qualified genuine homeopathy doctor.
    But these types of researchers are researching with the biased idea & their aim is to disprove the homoeopathy any how and to do miss propaganda.
    I think this type of men thinks only allopathy is the medicine and all others are either placebo or bad medicine and their duty is time to time attack on homoeopathy or other treating systems of medicines and spread delusion among people with the help of some media house. But they failed to stop the popularity of Homoeopathy because man knows everything by their experience.

  • Evidence from Australia itself
    Details of research in homœopathy including extensive references to recent clinical trials, double-blinded placebo controlled studies of individualised homœopathic treatments, research into the properties of water, meta-analyses of research and more are provided

    Link :

  • The NHMRC has been attacking homeopathy for some time. Not long ago they leaked a draft statement that “It is unethical to treat patients with homeopathy”. For them to make such a statement in spite of all the published research and clinical evidence of two hundred years, including the current use of homeopathy worldwide, it is clear this organization has an agenda to discredit homeopathy.

  • we should encourage NHMRC to have taken a initiative to know more about Homoeopathic system, let’s not bother of their intentions,Kyuki pani chahe kitna bhi Ganda ho, Pys na sahi, Lekin Aag to bhujha hi deta hai

  • Dr.Sayyed K.M.Razvi [DEGLOOR Distt.Nanded]

    First of all, I thanks to Dr.Mansoor sir who shared this important news with us by this valuable site.Otherwise, how we were aware of this time testing news.
    And now we must keep in our minds this facts that once again we are attacked by anti Homoeopathic minds.BUT WE MUST NOT FORGET THAT HOMOEOPATHY HAS PROVED IT’S GENUINENESS ALWAYS SINCE HANEMANN TIME.
    BUT always Homoeopaths are resposible for proving Homoeopathy and this time also Homoeopathy need our help and THE WORLDWIDE HOMOEOPATHS has now resposiblities to give their valuable share for defeating anti Homoeopathic minds.
    This time will pass anyhow but indicating us that we have very poor RESEARCH MATERIAL ON HOMOEOPATHY so that any medical organisation can put question on our pathy and practice.SO we should take pledge that we will provide scholars ,researchers , post graduats and best practitioners to Homoeopathy world to strengthen Homoeopathic picture.