Auto Immune Diseases – A Homoeopathic perspective & protocol

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Auto immune diseases are one of the major medical challenges in new millennium. List of autoimmune disease is stretching day by day and it touches almost all tissues and cells of human body. No cell of body is spared by auto immune diseases. So, all auto immune disease needs a constitutional treatment. Only Homoeopathy can offer a constitutional treatment in such a disease.

Miasm of each disease shall be assessed by the interpretation of pathology and symptomatology. Symptomatology shall vary from disease to disease but pathology is same or similar in almost all autoimmune diseases. A protein developed in the body during a viral or bacterial infection for the protection of tissues and cells turned against all cells and tissues of the body in turn is the pathology in auto immune disease. Anti-bodies are producing against cell, its nucleus, mitochondria, and even double strand DNA of cells. Once an antibody against cell, mitochondria, nucleus or double strand DNA develops it will try to destroy its target destination. So the destruction will take place because of the following fight.

ANA (antinuclear antibody) Vz Nucleus

Ant Ds DNA (anti double strand DNA) Vz double strand DNA

End of these fights will be always destruction.

So from pathology one can reach in to an assumption that pathology of all autoimmune disease is damage & destruction and thus comes under syphilitic miasm.

The theme of Auto immune disease is “Fight end in destruction”.

Symptomatology of various auto immune diseases is different but there is a general symptom that all auto immune diseases are symptomatic before pathology starts.  Symptoms of auto immune disease started in functional level before structural changes started. Even after structural changes stared functional symptoms will persists. A symptomless autoimmune disease seldom occurs. Thus destructive pathology of autoimmune disease indicates its syphilitic nature and functional symptomatology contribute its psoric part. So a miasmatic prescriber shall very easily reach in to a conclusion that autoimmune disease is a combination of Syhilitic & psoric miasm with a prominence of syphilitic miasm. The picture of a disease originated in psoric level gradually advanced in to a syphilitic pathology is crystal clear in auto immune diseases. We shall find out an inherited syphilitic trait in majority of cases of auto immune diseases, if we investigate the cases further.  Though the basic miasm of auto immune disease is syphilitic the disease will trigger up by the outburst of latent psora. A bacterial or viral infection or an exposure to an allergen or even an exposure to an emotional excitement may trigger latent psora that further proceed to the destructive inherited syphilitic miasm. Sycotic symptom may also present in autoimmune disease but its percentage is very less. One who sees autoimmune disease only through Rheumatoid arthritis or SLE shall find some sycotic symptoms like swelling of joints, fiber formation in joints or pigmentation. But in RA and SLE too later pathology will end in destruction of joints and total destruction of tissues and cells. A Psoric symptom persists very rarely in autoimmune diseases.  Persistence of functional symptom if any indicates dominance of psoric miasm and cure rate in such cases will be high always.

As a general Miasmatic protocol in Auto immune diseases is to start with an Anti-tubercular remedy and switch over to a syphilitic prominent remedy as pathology advances. 

Tuberculinum shall be an inter current in initial stage of Auto immune disease and Syphillinum serve the same purpose in later stages.

Selection of remedy is important task in Auto immune disease so as to any other disease. As we know fight end in destruction is the theme of autoimmune disease we shall restrict our prescription to Animal kingdom. Fight for survival is the theme of animal remedy. All most all animal remedies come under syphilitic miasm except a few like Lamenitis bredowii californica (butterfly). Unfortunately animal remedies are rarely prescribed in autoimmune diseases and the most prescribed remedies are from vegetable kingdom.

Animals are classified in to the following headings for convenience

Conceivable Classification

  • Ophidia
  • Spiders
  • Insects
  • Fishes

List of common remedies under each group is given below

OPHIDIA  (Snakes)


Lachesis (Surukuku) Arania Diadema (Spider Papal Cross)
Naja Tripudians(Cobra Venom) Aranea Scinencia (Gray Spider)
Elaps Corrallinus (Coral Snake) Tarentula Hispanica (Spanish Spider)
Crotalus Horridus (Rattle Snake) Theridion Curassavicum (west Indiaan organ Spider)
Crotalus Cascavella (Brazillian Snake) Lateroductus Mactans (American Black Widow
Cencheris Contortrix) Lateroductus Hassaelti(New South Wales Spider)
Bothrops Lanciolatus (Yellow Viper) Latroductus Katipo (New Zealand Spider)
Vipera Berus (German Viper) Mygale Lasiodora (Black Cuben Spider)
Vipera Torva Tela Aranearum (Spider Web)
Hydrophis Cyanociatus (Sea Snake)
Toxicophis (Moccasin Snake)



Apis Chenopodi Glauci Erythrinus
Apis Mellifica (Honey Bee) Limulus (King Crab)
Blatta Americana (Cockroach) Medusa (Jelly Fish)
Blatta Orientalis(India Cockroch) Murex (Purple Fish)
Bombyx Processionea Sepia (Cuttle Fish)
Cantharis Vesicatoria (Spanish Fly) Trachinus Draco (Sting Fish)
Cimex Lectuloria (Bedbug) Ambra Grisea (Ambergris from Whales)
Coccinella (Lady Bug) Astacus Fluviatalis (Shell Fish)
Coccus Cacti (Cocchineal) Asteria Rubens (Red Fish)
Culex Musca (Culex Mosquito) Homarus(Lobster)
Doryphora Decemlineta (Colorado Poteo Bug) Oleum Jacoris Aselli (Cod Liver oil)
Formica Rufa (crushed live ants) Propylamine –Trymethlamin (Herring Brine)
Oniscus Ascellus (wood Louse) Serum Anguilla ichyotoxin (Eel’s Serum)
Pecten Jacobaeus (head louse) Pyrarara (Amazone Fish)
Pediculus Capitis Ichthyolum (Fish Fossil)
Pulex Irritants (Common Flea)  
Scolopenda Morsitans)  
Triatema (red Acraus of fly)  
Trombidium Muscae Domesticae  
Vespa Crabro (Live Wasp)  

It is our duty to differentiate various groups of animals first and then reach to the right remedy of a group.


Sympt. Type





Pathology Blood, Liver, Nervous system. Psychosis Nervous system,MindBehavior, skin. Kidney Cancers Renal, Skin, GI, GU Female Genital organs, Skin, Spinal
Constitution Dark or red bleeding diathesis Colorful Artistic Waxy, edematous Yellow anemic
Ailments Jealousy, Alcoholism fright,Sea travelling, sepsis Suppressions, Stings Overwork. Business embracement, Tobacco, laundry, thunderstorm
Temperament melancholic Choleric/ Nervous/Choleric Nervous Chaotic /nervous
Modalities < < During Sleep, Morning, Tightness < Eating, Night, Damp <Touch, Cold < Washing Cold air
Modalities > >Discharge, awake >Friction, Daytime Smoking > Open air, rubbing > exercise, warmth
General Lt sidedD: Alcohol, Oysters Clock Periodicity D: raw food, tobacco. AV: Bread, milk, chocolate. Increased sexual desire. Sensitive to heat Menopause/puberty. D:Sweets, AV: Bread Milk

  • Exertion
MIND Loquacity in selective phrasesPropheticQuarrelsome. Misanthropy. Secretiveness. Greedy Mistrustful   COLORFUL – ARTISTIC – ACTIVECunning like a fox. Destructive  & MischievousCourageous (Audacity) Violence Hyperactive feign Nervous and jerky ridiculous   Physical irritability Irritability due to forgetfulness. AwkwardnessPeevish Drowsy   Weeping from trifles. Indifference Abnormal excitement with emotionalism and frenzy. 
MIASM Sycosyphilitc Tubercular Multimiasmatic Tubercular

In autoimmune diseases our prime focus is to be on spiders and fishes as they are Anti tubercular. As pathology advances one shall think about ophidian (anti cancerous) group and if things are much complicated select a medicine from insects (multimiasmatic).

Minerals like Aur Met, Flouric acid, Calc flour seldom indicates in auto immune disease. While selecting a mineral one should give preference to anti-syphilitic mineral remedies. Minerals are indicated when auto immune diseases get complicated either with osteo arthritis, osteo porosis, ankylosing spondulitis or with other syphilitic disorders with structural changes. Structure is the theme of Minerals.

Plants shall be used in autoimmune disease but we can’t expect a curative action from plants if it is not well indicated. If a plant is well indicated in a case then an autoimmune disease shall not be represented well. Sensitivity is the theme of plants. So plants shall be used for relief of pain or for relief of functional symptoms in auto immune disease. PULS shall be given for shifting rheumatic pain, Urtica Urens for joint inflammation with skin symptoms, Guiacum for throat symptoms preceded by rheumatism, staph after mental strain and suppression etc shall be tried to win the heart of patients. Nux Vom 1M shall try for pain neck, Stramonium for hip pain, Bryonia for knee pain, Menispermium for pain elbow, actea spicata for pain wrist, Ruta for pain ankle will help to relieve pains only but the auto immune disease will grow inside. It is not the duty of a Homoeopath to give relief to pain in autoimmune disease that a modern medicine practitioner can do very well.

As a general rule any auto immune disease shall start either with a fish remedy or with a spider remedy and shall be finished with a dose of Tuberculinum in 1M or 10 M potency.

Advances cases of autoimmune diseases shall start either with snake remedy or with an insect and end with a dose of Syhilinum 50 M potency.

Selection of plants may help you to relieve symptoms but remember to select a tubercular or syphilitic remedy.

Above statements shall be substantiated by the statistics made by treated and documented 440 auto immune cases.

Remember Tuberculinum and Syphilinum are heroes in curative treatment of autoimmune diseases and Fish & Spiders are heroines in this fighting movie of nature!

Never step back from taking the challenge of treating and curing autoimmune disease because only YOU can offer and deliver a curative treatment for autoimmune diseases. And the list of auto immune diseases is stretching day by day from organ to organ and from system to system. Get ready to fight against an internal fight!

Dr.S.G.BIJU BHMS MD (Hom) Chief Medical Officer, The Homoeopathic Multi Speciality Hospital & Research Center, Changanacherry E Mail: [email protected]. Mob: Ph. 9447128799


  1. Thanks for informative articles.In this regard i like to say that if i started treament of cervical spondylosis then i have to select a fish remedy like sepia or spider remedy like tarentulla hispanica.And then like plant Rhustox or Ruta.After remission whether i can use tubecuillinum 1M or syphyllinum 50M.Some kindly help me showing the way.Thanks,malaker

  2. It is very good interesting and informative article.This is a need for now a days ailments to be treated.These types of articles to be encouraged for publications for improvement of practioners knowledge.

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