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Sub: Suggestions regarding medical university
We are in favour of Common Medical University- because

Homeopathy is still in the beginning stage. We must have intense research by utilising the chemistry, nano technology, pathology etc in order to prove the scientificity. For that immense research facilities with other systems of medicine and other branches of science are inevitable, which we can materialize, if only be the part of the very big (comparing to proposed AYUSH university) health science university.

We cannot stand alone. Study materials, books, syllabus etc are more or less same as allopathic system of medicine. Separating from the mainstream eventually leads to sterile the development of our system in future. We have to develop as a mainstream medicine rather than merely as an alternative system of medicine.

The concept of AYUSH university is not present anywhere in India. I strongly suspect that it is a move by allopaths to side track our system from the proposed medical university. A University means different courses under one roof. That strategy is beneficial to patients also. A certificate issued by AYUSH university have comparatively negligible value than that of a common medical university as regards to job opportunities and prospects in other areas and countries.

As per the proposal of Ayush University, the other systems that come along with Homoeopathy are Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani and Sidha which have their own cultural, traditional and philosophical platform, which is quite different from our system. The higher studies and research protocols constructed on the basis of above methodology are nothing aspirable to us.

Moreover only a very few institutions and courses come under the AYUSH University, which will become a hurdle for accomplishing the approval of UGC like higher bodies, and the qualifications awarded by the same may fail to be recognized by other universities in the country.

Another thing is separating the Medical Sciences under different headings may create unhealthy ego clashes among the systems, which will lead to undesirable, unethical practices in the field of Health Services.

Setting up of separate University means accomplishing all infrastructures from top to bottom and demands a very huge financial commitment. While considering the pathetic financial position of our state, IHMA never think the proposal for a separate university is a feasible one.

In the centre itself ayurveda people working out severe ego problems and more than 95% of fund of AYUSH have been utilised by them. So separate university along with these people may create further problems.

I reliably know that more than 99% of homoeopaths in Kerala are in favour of Common medical University. So a proposal or decision in favour of AYUSH university may evoke serious agitations and strike in Kerala.

So in the long term interest of homoeopathy I am humbly requesting you to propose a common medical university.

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  1. It is most welcome in the interest of developing all system of medicines coming under Ayush.Such a Ayush University exclusively for Ayurveda,Unani,Sidhha and Homeopathy will be really helping the systems to develop further and give real service to the needy.Nowadays we see that Qualified Homeopaths and Ayurvedic degree holders are giving allopathic medicines and prescriptions and never practice in their field of medicines.It is better to discourage the degree holders in Ayurveda and Homeopathic system of medicines in prescribing Allopthic medicines and treatment instead of Ayurvedic and Homeo systems in which they are qualified.The decision of Ayush in this regard is justified and only those who are really interested in Ayurveda and Homeo are allowed to get degrees from this university with reserch motto.

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