BR Ambedkar University MD Homeopathy Psychiatry Papers


MD(H2)-Psychiatry 2011(Reg)
Time: 3 hours  Full Marks: 100

Questions are of equal value. Answer all questions.

  1. Discuss Dr. Hahnemann’s approach to psychiatric cases. What strategy he suggested for treatment of such cases?
  2. Discuss the idealism, empathy and injustice of Causticum. Compare with other similar medicines.
  3. How will you proceed for counselling in behavioural disorders? Discuss homoeopathic approach to such cases.
  4. Describe about the delusion. What are its implications? Discuss homoeopathic approach with medicinal indications.
  5. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Dyslexia
    2. Emotional intensity
    3. Hysteria
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