Man in Health – Delhi University MD Homoeopathy Questions

The Man in Health 

Time: 3 hours           Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all questions        All questions carry equal marks

  1. Compare and contrast holistic medicine from theoretic medicine. Which are better in your opinion and why?  (20)
  1. Explain in detail how homeopathy is the product of inductive logic applied to the subject of medicine?  (20)
  1. What are the four basic steps of analysis of the case? Describe what evaluation of symptoms is and bring out the differences and salient features amongst different evaluation methods?   (20)
  1. Describe in detail about the concept of miasm as cause of the disease in light of bacteriology?  (20)
  1. How does simple substance able to maintain the homoeostasis of universe in general and individual organism in particular? Cite suitable examples.   (20)

Courtesy : Dr Renu Pathak

MD Homeopathy-part 1-2011 (Annual)

PAPER-1 (The Man in Health)  Time: 3 Hours  Maximum Marks: 100

(Write: Your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper)

(Attempt all question paper)

All question carry equal marks.

1. Describe the fundamental principles of homeopathy through the philosophic exposition of Kent, Close and Roberts. (20)

2. Describe the components of human mind as per Sigmund Freud. Also comment upon his view of personality development. (20)

3. Define Osmosis process and its relevance in moving fluids one location to other in the body. Describe its role in inflammation. (20)

4. Bring out the relationship between constitution, Diathesis and Temperament. Describe in detail the pre and post Hippocratic concept of Temperaments citing suitable references. (20)

5. Biophysical properties of hyaline articular cartilage of synovial joints and its role in locomotion. (20)

Courtesy :Dr.Vibha JR

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