CCRH financial assistance to PG Students in Homoeopathy

Stethoscope-Laying-on-Stacks-of-CashCentral Council of Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH)  is  an  apex  research  organization  facilitating scientific  research  in  Homeopathy. The  Council  initiates, develops, undertakes and co-ordinates scientific research in fundamental and applied aspects  of Homoeopathy.

Last date extended to : 31.01.2013

As a step forward in the capacity building and encouraging research aptitude among  post  graduate  students,  the  Council  is  initiating  a  new  scheme  of  providing  financial  assistance  to  selected medical graduates who are pursuing postgraduate programmes in Homoeopathy through CCH  recognized medical institutions.

This  scheme  is  primarily  aimed  at  promoting  good  quality  research  in  homoeopathic  medical  colleges  through students pursuing post graduation courses  as well as improving the visibility and accessibility of  their research work to larger research audience.  The Council through the financial assistance to medical  graduates ensures procuring an electronic and hard copy of MD (Hom.) dissertation thesis, which is to  be displayed in its library as well as salient highlights posted on its website.

The highlights of scheme are  as follows:        

i.The Council will provide financial assistance of Rs.25, 000/- (twenty five thousand only) to selected candidates pursuing post graduate courses (MD) in Homoeopathy.

ii. Number of Awards:  Limited to 10 per year.

iii. Eligibility: Medical graduates who are admitted to the MD (Hom.) courses in any of the CCH  recognized  P.G.  Institute/College  and  who  wish to  avail  of  the  CCRH  award  for pursuing their research project.

Procedure for selection:  

The  scheme  would  be  widely  publicised  through  advertisement  in  leading  news  papers, Indian  Journal  of  Research  in  Homoeopathy  (IJRH),  circulars  to  the  medical  institutions  and  CCRH  website twice a year.

The Principal/ Director of College should forward only one synopsis, which is the best among all the  applications  between  12  to  18  months after  admission  of  candidate  to  MD(Hom.)following approval of synopsis from the University.

The candidate and the guide will indicate their choice of the research topic and will give a brief  description  of  the  objectives,  methodology,  design of  the  study,  expected  outcome,  up-to-date literature search, ethical considerations and facilities available at the Institute for conducting the  study  in  the  synopsis.  The  study  should  be designed  in  accordance  with  Good  Clinical  Practices       Guidelines and duly approved by Institutional Ethical Committee of the College/ Institute. Kindly  refer  to  the  guidelines while  preparing  the  synopsis. Candidate  has  to  submit  10   copies of the synopsis to CCRH Headquarters.

 Selection would be made on the basis of merit which will be decided by the committee of experts constituted by the Council.  All the received proposals  shall be evaluated by the committee which     will  assess  the  grant  applications  with  respect  to (i)  Performance  of  the  candidate  in  BHMS  (ii)  Research  topic (eg.  Innovativeness,  Relevance of  work,  Application  Research,  expected outcome) (iii)  Project  submitted  during  internship  (iv) Publications  etc.  The  committee  shall  submit  their       observations for acceptance or rejection.

In case, of the event of leaving this scheme  after getting the funds, the candidate shall remit the  whole amount to the Council with suitable justifications.

2. Financial Assistance:

 The  Council  would  provide  a  total  assistance  of  Rs.  25,000/-  in  two  instalments  to  the  selected     candidates. The candidate has to submit an undertaking prior to release of funds to the effect that    the  funds  received  from  the  Council  will  be  used  strictly  for  the  purpose  for  which  it  has  been     released  and; in  the  event  of  leaving  this  scheme  the  whole  amount  will  be  remitted  to  the  Council with suitable justifications.

 i. The first installment of Rs 15,000/- shall be  released at the time of selection when the  award letter is issued.

ii. Rs.10,000/- shall be released at the end of the course after successful  completion of MD (Hom.)

The  grant  shall  be  sanctioned  only  when  the clinical  trial  after  approval  by  expert  committee  is  registered with ClinicalTrial Registry-India ( and subject to the approval from the       University.

 The grant shall be issued in the name of the  candidate directly under intimation to the Guide and  the head of the Institute.

The amount will be used by the candidate for pursuance of research project only and may use the     funds  for  purchase  of  reagents,  laboratory  outsourcing,  preparation  of  dissertation,  secretarial     assistance or any other activity connected with the research project following fair and reasonable    procedure.

The candidate will be required to provide information to the Council regarding the manner in which the funds were utilized duly signed by the Head of the  Institute/college.    3. Monitoring:   Every attempt will be made by the Council to monitor the project continuously till the research project is   completed and reported.  The deputed Officer will be in communication with the guide/ student and will   make periodic reports on the progress of the project and will give  appropriate advice and guidance to   the student for future course of action and mid-course correction, if needed.  The guide and the student   should work  as a team and ensure that the output is a dissertation of reasonably good quality and can   be reported in scientific journals.   4. Submission/Publication of  dissertation:

Application  duly  filled  by  the  candidates  in  the  prescribed    format  forwarded   by  the  guide  and   Certified by Director/Head of the Institute may be sent twice in a year, between 1st to 30th June or 1st   to 31st December in a particular  year

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