Detailed Step-by-step creation of question-form on website

Dr Fatima Zahra

  1. Go to the same google account from which you created your website.
  2. On the menu-bar click google documents. A separate window will open (which will display a list of all your previous google documents which/if you created or shared).
  3. Click the red create button. A drop down list will appear. You choose either FORM or — USE TEMPLATES. First try the FORM option by clicking it.
  4. A new window will open showing a question with different boxes. Fill the ‘question title’ with your question. Fill in any instructions in the ‘help text’ box or leave it empty. Then select the type of answer you want from a drop down list e.g paragraph text, options list etc. Fill up the options list according to your question. Then click the ‘done’ button. You can edit your question from the ‘edit’ button on the right hand side of your question.
  5. To add more questions, click the ‘ADD’ button on the upper right hand corner of the form. Repeat the above step and click done and so on, repeating steps 4 and 5 till you have all your questions ready.
  6. Now click the save button on the upper right hand corner and close this window.
  7. Click the ‘share’ button with its various drop-down options if you want to share this form with someone.
  8. This form will appear in the list of your google documents. If you now click on this document, it will open the spread sheet showing your questions in columns. Here you can add the formulae for correct answer to each question….but this I have not been able to decipher myself….given my fear of spreadsheets! You can even share this spread sheets with others, taking care not to give permission for editing it. Better still, copy the URL of this spread sheet and keep it separately for pasting it as told later on. You can always access your just-made-form from the menu-bar of this spread sheet later on to make changes. Now close the google documents window also.
  9. Now go to your web-site and create a new page by clicking the middle button on upper right hand corner. Name this page as you like and let it be a ‘web-page’ as shown in options below. Select ‘on top level’. Click ‘create’. (the name of your page will appear on the side-bar)
  10. Next click Edit button (a pen icon) on upper right hand corner.
  11. Click ‘insert’ button from the menu-bar. Choose ‘spread sheet form’ from the drop-down menu. This will open a box showing all your previously made google documents.
  12. Double click on the document-form you had just created. Another box will appear showing the properties of your form you have selected. Do nothing except delete the numeral-entry which is there in the ‘width’ box. Click OK.
  13. Now you will see a grey box  pasted on your page. Now if you want to share your results (on spread-sheet related to your form), paste the URL you had copied before, somewhere on the page and type what it means to others…this is optional but meaningful for self-assessment for the students.
  14. Next click ‘Save’ on the upper right hand corner of the page. Your form will appear as such on your page.
  15. THIS IS IT!

Please feel free to ask. I myself have not been able to decipher things beyond it.

Optional: You can use a template form too…if you choose template option while creating the form as in step 3. A window will appear showing many ready-made templates…I found a “50 question squatron for self-assessment” template….you can find it by typing this name in the ‘search template’ option in the templates-window; Repeat steps from 4 onwards.

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