Effective Homeopathic Treatment of swine flu

Dr  V  Krishnamurthy
During the years 2006-2008, almost    all  homoeopathic practitioners had been giving different remedies for chikungunya  disease (mainly Rhus. tox and Eup. perf.) to be taken for days and   weeks   with   little   relief.   The   undersigned   was   the   first   to  declare     that   the   homoeopathic remedy Polyporus Pinicola 10,000x is  almost    a  specific   for  chikungunya  and   with   this remedy GIVEN IN ONE SINGLE DOSE, my students had cured lakhs and lakhs of chikungunya victims during the years 2006 to 2008. (Rate of success: more than 97%).

I am   not   proud   of   the   above,   because   it   is   my   duty,   as Professor      of  homoeopathy, to   find  out   the  remedy     for  any epidemic.  Be   that   as   it   may.

Though, all  practitioners    had    cured    several    cases    of chikungunya with  one    single   dose of  Polyporus, what was disappointing is that not even a single homoeopath came forward to    ask   me   as    to   how    I  selected    Polyporus       Pinicola    for chikungunya.

These homoeopaths (who had cured chikungunya with one single   dose   of   Polyporus)   are   now   asking   me   what   homoeo medicine is to be given for swine flu. I am not satisfied with this query. But I would be much pleased if they had asked me how I arrived at Polyporus Pinicola for chikungunya and further how to find out the remedy for the present pandemic swine flu.

I don’t mind declaring the name of the correct homoeopathic remedy which would be almost a specific for swine flu. Before this I would, first of all, like to teach the practitioners as to how I found out the remedy for chikungunya. This is more important. Such a teaching   alone   would   help   the   reader   to   find   out   by   himself   a remedy for future epidemics.

Dr V Krishnamurthy
Thirty-eight  years  of  teaching  experience   in   Homoeopathy,   Chinese Acupressure   &   Dr.   BachFlower Remedies of England

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