Homeopathic pathogenetic trial of Plumbum metallicum

The complete 2000 trial with a synthesis of the original 1828 trial
Andrea Maria Signorini, Christa Pichler
FIAMO, Scientific Department, Italy

Background: in a previous paper we reported the statistical analysis and other distribution data  of a homeopathic pathogenetic trial (HPT) of Plumbum metallicum 30cH carried out by our group.

However, at that time we did not report the resulting pure materia medica, i.e., the totality of the   symptoms   elicited   by   the   tested   medicine   on   healthy   volunteers.

Aim :   to   communicate   to   the     homeopathic   community   the   full   record   of   symptoms   collected   in   our   HPT   of  Plb.

Methods: Methods to collect and select symptoms have been reported in the previous paper. In synthesis   were   excluded   all   previous   common   symptoms   of   volunteers,   even   with   slight   differences,   and   selected only those that were really unknown, never seen, unusual or very strange for the prover.

In   this   paper   special   emphasis   was   given   to   new   symptoms   as   well   as   unusual   or   repeated   dreams,     while   in  the  previous   paper    special  emphasis     was   given  to  repeated    and   crossed   symptoms. Results:  symptoms   are   reported   in   their   chronological   order   of   appearance   in   each volunteer.   37 new   symptoms   were   found,   useful   to   update   Homeopathic   Repertories.   It   is   also    included a synthesis of the original HPT of Plb carried out in 1828 in order to make available the     full   experimental     materia   medica    currently    existing. Conclusions:      the    new   HPT,    besides  widening the pathogenetic picture of Plb (skin and mucosae symptoms), also allowed us to give   new and deeper meanings to some of the symptoms reported in the original trial, such as Anxiety, Activity,   Depression,   Slowness,   Gastro -oesophageal   problems,   Colitis.   The   dreams  complete   the  remedy image, mainly in work, religion and sexual themes.  Up to the present time there is no       peer-reviewed publication devoted to HPTs. For this reason, researchers are compelled to publish HPTs as private editions. This results in poor control of the quality of publications and a lack of        standards on how to present the results of HPTs.

Key words : Homeopathic pathogenetic trials, Plumbum metallicum, retrial, clinical indications.

Download complete article : www.similima.com/pdf/plumbum-homeopathy.pdf

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