How to write a good scientific paper

Dr. Ayanti Kundu, Dr Kaushik Majumder, nd Dr. Bhaswat S.Chakraborty
Dept. of Medical Writing, CRO, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,   Dholka – 387810

Introduction: In   this   poster,   firstly   we   will   focus   on   the   Construction   of  introduction   and   method   to   be   followed   to   write   a   good scientific     paper.    Secondly     we    will   discuss    regarding     the  presentation       of    the   result(s)     of   the    paper    by    easily understandable scientific graphs and figures and also how to  write a good discussion.

Construct an introduction that puts the work in context  for   the   readers   to   tell   them   why   it   is   important   and  relevant.

Materials   and   methods   that   leave   readers   in   no   doubt  (about) the work did and they can reproduce the same if    they want.

Present the results that easily understood and graphs & figures tell most of the results.

Discussions  of    the    findings     that    enable      readers   appreciate the implications of the work.

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