Homoeopaths are on warpath to prescribe Allopathy medicines


Homeopathy Doctors to resort to strike on July 10 seeking permission to prescribe allopathic medicines

“Homoeopathic doctors and colleges should create a pressure group to make the government allow them prescribe allopathy medicines. Being a Homeopath myself, I will pursue the matter with the government,” said MLA Dr Kalyan Kale.

A meeting of Homoeopathy stream doctors from Aurangabad, Jalna, Jalgaon, Jamner and other places was held at Kulswamini Mangal Karyalaya in Cidco to discuss the government move banning them from prescribing allopathic medicines. MLC Satish Chavan, principal S M Desarda, Dr P Y Kulkarni, Dr Pawan Dongre and others were seated on the dais.

The doctors have called for a strike on July 10 to press for their demand.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kale said, the homoeopaths will have to initiate a severe agitation to press for their demand. According to the directives of the World Health Organisation, there should be one MBBS doctor after every 30,000 people. However, it is not possible for the country to maintain this ratio.

If the homoeopaths are permitted to practice allopathy legally, the patients will not be deprived of medical facilities.

All the educational institutes, colleges and doctors should come together and establish a pressure group. A meeting will be held with the state and central Homeopathy Council Members while the issue will be highlighted in the Assembly, Dr Kale assured. Dr Kachkure made an introductory speech. Dr Pundalik Kolte conducted the proceedings while Pratap Bhanuse proposed a vote of thanks.

Source : Lokmat News Service
Aurangabad, July 8
Web : www.lokmat.com/

Dear Friends,
These doctors are homeopaths or Mongrels??

From our experience Homeopathy  has more potential and scope than allopathy.

Why these fellows want permission to prescribe allopathy??

Even Homeopathy College Principals and reputed Homeopathy doctors participated in this meeting and agitation – that’s so dangerous.

Protest against this movement seriously   

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  • Johnson

    They are killing the Homoeopathy. These Homeopathy doctors do not have sufficient knowledge and experience and want earn money. A real Homoeopath never offer or allow this.

    • Pravin parakh

      those who are online and net savvy don’t know rural reality?

  • Abuhatm

    It is a shame
    My homeopath will never allow me to take any allopathic medicine.
    It is a shame that these homeopaths are not confident with the wonderful homeapathic medicines.
    Similia should stand against this strike and help the homeopaths to use our own medicine to treat.

  • balu

    Johnson’s points are absolutely correct.I am agree his points.

  • This is nothing new, few years back in Andhra pradesh few groups of such so called doctors tried the same, they were strongly opposed and had to call off their demand.
    Such demands should not find place in your columns. HOMOEOPATHS SUCCEED WHERE ALLOPATHS FAIL.Let the seniors put these doctors on the right track, the correction need to be made at the colleges they have studied

    • Unfortunately principal S M Desarda in favor of this!!


        absolutely correct but if add in syllabus BHMS some essential LIFE SAVING DRUGS with pharmacology & 6 month course allopathic medicine for pass out homeopath doctor .then great achievement for all homeopath and never u can say mongral….
        its need for all homeopath which homeopath have no need & better understand org anon…pls ask in own, self soul. don’t mind

  • dr sandeep mondal

    Dear doctor ,
    After spending 5 yrs in learning homoeopathy and still you can’t understand homoeopathy then how u are confident to prescribe allopathy without learning it.its better u change your profession rather becoming a quack.


      absolutely correct but if add in syllabus BHMS some essential LIFE SAVING DRUGS with pharmacology & 6 month course allopathic medicine for pass out homeopath doctor .then great achievement for all homeopath and never u can say mongral….
      its need for all homeopath which homeopath have no need & better understand org anon…pls ask in own, self soul. don’t mind

  • Dr.G.Srinivasulu

    In this vote bank politics of homoeopathy, our political homoeopaths are producing quacks from their institutions and assuring them of legitimate quackery. In the recent elections to various boards and councils the contestants have won seats assuring them of all these things. We talk quality in homoeopathy and produce quantitative half baked homoeopaths from the institutions.I think to reduce the population the government can give licence to many to practice allopathy. I think this will surpass all existing population control measures.

    • Dr.Raj

      Thats right and if u dont have faith in ur pathy go back give entrance for MBBS and pass the whole course and start practising allopathy ask govt to relax the age limit for enetering MBBS lets see how many are intrested i think people are interested in money then the treatment modality.I feel homeopathy has a great scope and should not be huiliated like this.

  • Mike

    These homeopaths are traitors, agents of big pharma and want to destroy the holistic method of treatment and destroy the goodness of homeopathy.
    These doctors should be stripped of their degree and ask them to study allopathic MBBS once again and prctice Allopathy

  • Dr.A.Shanthakumar

    Sin,The have not understood homoeopathy,may be there Homoeopathic education is such. If any one understand homoeopathy they will never think of prescribing Allopathic medicine.

  • Dr D.A.Sathe.

    Protest to practice allopathy is correct.B.H.M.S.are graduates in homeopathic medicine and surgury.How much homeopaths can handle medical emergencies with help of Homeopathic medicines?Yes according to me very few . It is important to save pt in emergencies.Maharashtra is a big state.Here hospitals are so far from villeges.We have here very few allopathic doctors in villages.For common craite bite we must give asv.So please do not blame homeopaths in Maharashtra.We alaways think that this our right to practice allopathy in emergencies.

  • Mansoor

    Homeopaths can’t practice allopathy – Supreme Court of India

    • Dr.Sathe

      Thank you Mansoor,
      I am totally agree and I have full respect for court judgment. But if emergency occurs then what should we do in villages? Is it correct that we just observe pt who is dying in certain helpless conditions.
      I think that this a time to think for proper syllabus for our homeopathic students.When I got my L.C.E.H. graduation from Bombay In our course we have taught the treatment of Modern medicine and emergency treatment also.[with homeopathic drugs] .
      Thanks again to you for your reply.
      [To save life of pt with ones all abilities or to leave it on pts own fate?]

  • Haji dr mazhar jamil iihr

    The so called pressure group protestant qualified homeo
    have no knowledge of dr Hahneman’s Organon where he has condemned the old school of medicine and advocated a very new approach of cure which is fast, quick and sure to cure.
    #.The aim of the physician is to cure . It must be gentle and permanent.

    • dr gandhi

      All dear drs
      as we homeopathy student i salute ths pathy vry much bt whn thing cme at the level of ”do or die” then in ths condition my aim is save the life by using any medicine by appropiate way but inspite that if i will say to patient am sorry as i cant allow to treat u betr find the allopath then patients relative will slap me n if pat will die due to delay to find othr dr then am doing crime by killing the pat n relative will catch me in court alligation for negligence.Then no one mch mca will save me,
      ths is only truth

  • Bharat Bhushan

    yes these type of attitude of Homoeopath really kill the concept of homoeopathy . Why they need allopathy drugs to be used by homoeopaths. My opinion is that the research should be done either in combination or alone ,the use of homoeopathy in emergency or according to the disease state ( modern view ). I know some of homoeopath will not agree on my this opinion but that is the need of the time.
    Bharat Bhushan



  • nikhil tricks

    please,,,,,,homoeopathy is such an excellent science–it gives such a good results,,,,its pleasure and satisfaction which comes while treating patient homoepathically,,,,,,,,then why to protest against such issue,,,,,,,friends practise homoeopathy we are homoeopaths!

    • student

      Student says
      I know homeopathy medicines have good result but allopathic drug must imporatnt .if bams should right po prescribr allopathy so y bhms cant prescricb it. for jst fr allopathic rights sturents and not to bhms


    How shameful! these persons are bent on destroying the system. i don’t understand, why these persons don’t realise that homoeopathy stands safely where it is! why do we homoeopaths die to be allopaths and why they don’t die to be homoeopaths? we all should realise that it is a completely different system of medicine and should stand out separately as it is and should not be adulterated.
    It really hurts to face such situations.

  • Homoeopath ko maat maro please…..?

  • dr gandhi

    wht to do at town and tribal area were no mbbs drs then our bhms dr save pat life from emergency conditions,
    evn lots of mbbs dr using allopathy n homeopathy practice together as per need then y we not allow use both???

  • dr gandhi

    all pathies r best bt each pathy has own limitions n scope that we read in organon of med. thn in view to save life u can need to rite to use any med n treatment???
    using of allopathy it not mean homeopathy is bad its choice of dr hw to trat n cure early n easy………
    . myself is practicing homeopathy as well as am using emergengy tratment n med of allopathy i save 145 patients from door of death then w r am wrong ?

  • dr gandhi

    thanx god for all

  • dr gandhi

    wht to do as u sit on ur opd – homeopathic
    and suddenly one lady cme to ur opd as seeing board at ur opd dat dr is here who will help me( she dnt know that ur not handling emergency n allowing also)
    she ask to u for home visit then wht u doing without wasting time cause her fathr in law is in cardio resp arrest ?

    u call for ambulance -time is atleast 25 minute going for cme ambulance ths can do common man also

    calling to another allopathic dr for help -will take 10 minute or more ths can do common man also

    u soonly visit him with ur emergency drug n gvn cpr n mouth resp n addminstrate iv atropine n adrinaline save the life till the ambulamce cme n pat will save n u fill that u done effort n try rather than b like common man,ths done by dr either bhms or bams

  • Dr G.Srinivasulu has rightly diagnosed the problem,such people need to be shown the door, and immediate steps need to be taken by our ASSOCIATION AND GOVT DEPARTMENTS-AYUSH to strengthen the confidence of the students and practioner

  • DR.Sanjib Kumar Mandal

    Before passing that types of demand it sholud be better to pass at first those doctor demanded that, called DOG TOR And their REG no should be cancelled immidiately to save homoeopathy…..

  • Dr. Shaji Kudiyat

    It is a shame for dignified Homeopaths to go for strike to get permission to prescribe allopathic drugs. I honestly agree that at times of emergency, there is a need for allopathic medicine to overcome the crises, to survive, for the better tools of cure like homeopathy and other natural and holistic medicines to cure. But it should be demanded by the public or decided by the Government. But when AYUSH doctors go for a strike for that matter, it simply denotes that they are incompetent in their own profession and not able to make a livelihood out of it and going for a strike to get permit to prescribe easier modalities of prescription for their livelihood. Look at the status of Homeopathy in the states where these AYUSH doctors are going for strike. Incidentally it is poor which makes us clear the motivation behind such demands. I humbly request the organizers to call off their strike and try to spend their time and energy to educate such incompetent homeopathic doctors to make them competent and capable to manage diseases in the most natural way so that it will be completely cured and need for suppression or strong unnatural medication will not arise. I hereby express my willingness to spent my time, energy and knowledge to educate such homeopathy doctors who are planning for a strike to press for their demand of getting permission in prescribing allopathic medicines, if they are interested. Anybody interested, please contact me through e-mail: drkudiyat@gmail.com. For additional contact details, please visit http://www.doctorcancer.org

  • Dr. Peter H Kay

    The administration of allopathic or pharmacologically active drugs by anyone who has no background education in pharmacology, pharmacogenetics or toxicology is without doubt a highly dangerous practice. Such activities will cause many unnecessary deaths. It is rather like giving children real loaded weapons to play with rather than harmless toys. I can only imagine that the prospect of administration of pharmaceutical agents has been initiated by the pharmaceutical industry with a view to selling more drugs. I wonder what incentives have been offered by the pharmaceutical industry to homeopaths to make them reject the basic principles of their profession. Administration of dangerous substances to the innocent by unqualified people is completely immoral, unethical and against the code of conduct expected of a professional health care practitioner. There are already far too many practitioners who compromise the safety of the homeopathic health care system for their own personal benefits.
    Dr. Peter H Kay