IMA against AYUSH practitioners prescribing allopathy


New Delhi, June 19 (IANS): The Indian Medical Association (IMA) opposed a health ministry directive allowing practitioners of homeopathy, ayurveda and siddha to dispense allopathic medicines for common health problems, saying it could prove to be dangerous.

At a press conference here, the IMA said the notification is an apparent attempt by the ministry to play with the lives of the innocent citizens in the garb of providing effective health care.

‘The IMA unequivocally and in clear terms, opposes the said letter because it is contrary to the existing law and will have adverse consequences on the health of the innocent citizens,’ said IMA general secretary Narendra Saini. ‘The Ayush department is well aware that practitioners of alternate medicine do not possess the knowledge, expertise, understanding and the intellect to understand the basics of allopathic medicines before prescribing it to patients.’

Citing shortage of doctors at the level of primary health centres and sub-centres, a letter by a senior health ministry official has asked for practitioners of Indian systems of medicine (ayurveda, unani, siddha) to be included in the mainstream. The letter asks state medical councils to amend their respective laws and provide an enabling provision allowing enrolment of such medical practitioners. [Source]

  • DR. Awanesh kumar

    I Wellcome to IMA desission .

  • Dev

    why do hpaths require allopathy meds use hpathic meds ulll get a lakh times better results with ur meds. its just like being lazy and doing hardwrk as a hpath and dispense the correct similimum

    • Dr A Jeevan jaya

      It should be welcomed by every one. If any one goes to a Homeopath or Ayurvedic practioner he knows well that he would be treated accordingly. But our qualified Homeopaths and Ayurvedic practioners are using the allopathic medicines because they are not only cheaper but also easy to prescribe. They should not resort this way if they are true Homeopaths or Ayurvedic physcians

  • dr tarkeshwar gupta

    Then why many allopathic doctors prescribe homoeopathic medicines although having limited knowledge about Homoeopathy?Homoeopathy medicines also have side effects….and some allopathic doctors are playing with innocent patients.Don’t they have believe in their pathies….?

  • I fully endorse the view of the I.M.A

  • drpuneet

    “Citing shortage of doctors at the level of primary health centres and sub-centres, a letter by a senior health ministry official” I ASK ministry AS WELL AS IMA HE CAN NOT INTRODUCE Ayush AT level of primary health centres and sub-centres,IT MAY REDUCE THE SHORTAGE OF DR

  • Dr Prakash Gupta

    I agree with The Indian Medical Association (IMA)

  • dr p s mandal

    allopathic, homoeopathic and other doctors should practice their respective mode of will do good to the science as well as to the suffering humanity.homoeopathic or other doctor can also provide primary health care service by using their medicines. BE AWARE, few polliticians are making politics by saying that they will bring permission to practice allopathic medicine for homoeopathic or ayurvedic doctors.

  • Dr iftekhar

    Best hota bhai agar ayush wale bhi allophaty medicine apply karte