Importance of Polychrest drugs in clinical practice

homeo2Dr Mohd Furqan Aamer  M.D(Hom)

Homoeopathy can be defined as a System of Drug – Therapeutics based on the Law of Similars. This law states that a drug, capable of producing in a healthy person a diseased-state exactly Similars to that observed in a diseased person, acts as a curative agent if the diseases are in a curable stage. In the incurable stage of the disease, however, the same drug acts as the best palliative. Homoeopathy has logically evolved as an experimental science according to the method of inductive reasoning in which exact observation; correct interpretation, rational explanation and scientific construction play a leading role.

The Materia Medica of Hahnemann is an enduring monument to the genius of its author Original in its conception and design and unique in its forms and contents. Its foundation is on the bedrock of natural law. It is constructed of the cut stones of accurately observed facts, lay up in the cement of irrefragable logic. Over its portals are graven the words, Similia Similibus Curenter; Simplex, Simile, Minimum.

Hahnemann on apprehending a new general principle in therapeutics, was confronted with the problem of creating an entirely new materia medica by means of which the principle might be applied in practice .If disease were to be treated according to the principle of symptom similarity it was necessary to know what symptoms drug could produce in healthy persons, since these would be the only symptoms which could possibly resemble the symptoms of sick person.

Undismayed by the magnitude of task it was Dr.Hahnemann who set about creating a materia   medica, which should embody the facts of drug action upon the healthy. Hahnemann’s genius affected a break-through when he established experimental human pharmacology by instituting Drug proving on healthy human beings. He thus obtained data on the pure effects of drugs, which he recorded in the Materia Medica Pura and in the Chronic Diseases. This data he presented in a systematic manner, arranged according to a scheme of locations, which has since been known after him. He ensured complete objectivity by recording faithfully the effects as experienced by the observations have been recorded as far as possible. His personal comments and observations have been recorded separately in his introductory remarks. These also assuring the clinician of a constant potency and efficacy. These precautions enabled other clinicians to test his results. His directions, therefore, are rigidly adhered to in the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia even today.

After collecting the data pertaining to disease and drug, Hahnemann determined the criteria for establishing similarity between the picture of a disease as revealed in a patient and that of a drug in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.

It will be interesting to examine the manner in which Hahnemann puts the case for the Law of Similars. He proceeds thus – Drugs cure by virtue of their capacity to effect a change in human beings. This capacity could be determined only through actual experiments on the healthy. The change thus produced, which could be termed as a drug-induced-disease, could either be similar or dis-similar to the state in the patient, which is the natural disease. Drugs, therefore, could be selected as remedial agents on the basis of their known capacity to produce either a similar or a dis-similar state. No amount of reasoning will enable one to conclude as to which method of selection will lead to cure. Pure experience alone will enable one to arrive at the right conclusion.   In the present revolution of modern higher antibiotics period giving instant results to the suffering humanity in various diseases with the gift of lot side effects Homoeopathy gives two steps ahead simple, Medicine in minute doses without side effects.

The testimony present in this dissertation is not a new one this is a genuine collection from the thousands of pages of our Materia Medica. This work is like a drop from the ocean of knowledge gathered from the stalwarts, Hahnemann down till today.  This dissertation gives a brief conformation, verification of hard facts gathered from literature for a study of the Polychrest Drug and it’s importance.  This work ill illustrate the study of Polychrest drug and its importance in various disorders. Proper use of Materia Medica will show how a Physician can be more indispensable to Polychrest drugs.

I put in all my sincere efforts to make this dissertation to enlighten the subject.

Aims and Objectives of the Study

  • Evaluate the efficacy of Polychrest drug and it’s importance.
  • To affirm the efficacy of Polychrest drug comparing in various disorder.
  • To confirm the clinical utility & wide scope of Polychrest medicine in       treatment of various disorders.
  • Conformation of symptomatology of Polychrest drugs in diseases.
  • Review of study of the Polychrest drug from various Materia Medicas and it’s importance.
  • Study of the Polychrest drug from the view of Physiological as well as the       homoeopathic point of view.
  • To study the Characteristic symptoms of Polychrest drugs.
  • To study the miasmatic coverage (Review) of Polychrest drugs.
  • Miscellaneous findings.

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