Karnataka starts18 month emergency medicine course for AYUSH


Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru

Karnataka government‘s health and family welfare department has now formed a committee to look into the demands by Ayush doctors to be allowed to prescribe allopathy medicines. The committee headed by M Madan Gopal, principal secretary, Karnataka department of health and family welfare has submitted its proposal for an 18 month integrated short-term course in modern medicine speciality specifically on Emergency Medicine subject to the extent of syllabus and training with effective monitoring mechanism to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

The committee constituted by the government of Karnataka has representatives including Medical Education secretary, director of the State directorate of Ayush, president, Karnataka Medical Association (KMA), representatives from the boards of homoeopathy and unani besides the members from RGHUS.

The RGUHS has developed the contents for the 18 month course on modern medicine speciality specifically on Emergency Medicine following the proposal put forth by the committee.“We have now proposed for this course to the panel of experts from RGUHS who will seek concurrence from Medical Council of India (MCI) to implement the same,” principal secretary Gopal told Pharmabiz in an interaction.

The principal secretary health,denying reports that the state government was considering to permit Ayurveda doctors prescribe allopathy medicines during a medical emergency, said that if the consent was given it would only have a disastrous consequence on the patient.

“Each system of medicine be it Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani and Siddha is based on certain fundamentals of established knowledge and practices of that particular stream of medicine. There would be medical, legal, technical, administrative and ethical issues when permission is granted for cross-prescription and practices, he said. If Ayush doctors start prescribing allopathy medicines in an emergency, it would lead to an increase in the number of medico legal cases during  fatality or disability arising out of such situations”.  [Source]

  • raj parmar

    Hi sir can ayush doctor practise other than karnataka after doing this course?

  • abhishek ray

    Please clear who said “If Ayush doctors start prescribing allopathy medicines in an emergency, it would lead to an increase in the number of medico legal cases during fatality or disability arising out of such situations.”The principal secretary health or yourself Mr.Mansoor Ali ???.

  • Dr. P. ramakrishna Rao

    I strongly feel if this implemented , the originality of our system will be diluted. if such a case of emergency its always safe to referred , (most of the so called acute emergencies can be handled effectively with Homoeopathy itself)
    “what is to be cured in disease and what can be cured” two important aspects if known can avoid many obstacles.

  • chiranjib

    Sir ,can i practise allopathy after this course in odisha. is it distancce mode or regular course .pls tell me details on my mail id. thank u


      I Strongly support Dr. P. Ramakrishna Rao.If it is implemented,only some quack doctor will be produce and nothing else.A homoeopathic doctor should know the limitations of their system,& if any one so eager to learn some fragments of modern medicine,then their is no need to keep the Degree of homoeopathy. So i must condemn this decision.


    Dear Dr. M Ali,

    All such posts in this website regarding this article by you is hurting me.I’m so astonished to see all the reply’s of’homoeopathic doctors”(Sorry,I’m feeling Shame to ask them as homoeopathic doctor).If u hate your pathy rather if u don’t have confidence upon your system , then why did u came to learn ????why did u spoiled your life, and why did u engaged a seat of another aspirant of Homoeopathy JEE.?
    Sir,in my opinion, excessive human resource in AYUSH specially In homoeopathy is the main reason behind it.So we need to raise our Voice against all such Private Homoeopathic Colleges through out the Nation.

    • Many people are not at all confident…they don’t know the scope of homeopathy over allopathy…probably due to defective teaching


      More than 100% agree with you.

      That’s why our master termed those fellow as “cross breed dog”.


        black day for homoeopathy.

  • why this course is required? What more will happen with the learning same obsolete facts, inscribed before 200 years? What’s new will be in this course? Our Homoeopathy can deal with most of things; however, if you have enough knowledge about things that how to deal them.

  • AYUSH doctors can manage very well all sorts of emergency like anything.as they are managing in all private hospitals. so after this 18months course it will be more better.In remot area hospitals are faraway
    pateint had cardiorespiratory arrest, and ayush doctors are giving cpr, intubating ,so this is good job for us.
    Thanks sir