Medorrhinum personality in homeopathy – comprehensive study

Dr Satheesh Kumar P K  

Gonorrheal virus.
Introduced by Dr. Swan.
All the proving and cures made with high potencies.

Suited to the patients having constitutional effect of maltreated or suppressed gonorrhea.
For women with chronic pelvic disorder (ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovary) especially if symptoms points to malignancy with or without sycotic origin.
For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and it’s membranes – even organic lesions ending in paralysis which can be traced to a sycotic origin.
Children – pale, rachitic, dwarfed and stunted in growth. Mentally dull and weak.

Thermal reaction:
Hot patient with localised cold spot – cold breast, cold leg in sciatica, cold feeling in lumbar region.
Miasm:  Sycosis.
Diathesis:  Rheumatic and gouty diathesis.

Medorrhinum is a remedy that goes to extreme in its pathology in all the levels – physical, mental and intellectual. It seems incapable of maintaining a neutral stable state. For example,
1. Very talkative <———————–> Very timid, less communicative.
2. Weakness of memory <——————–> Very alert and very active
(Absent minded)                                      minded.
3. Every thing done in a great hurry <———–> desire to procrastinate.
4. Cruelty to animals <————-> Extreme fond of animals.
5. Happiness <———————–> Gloominess.
6. Introspective / self-accusative <—————-> Reproaches others.
7. Anticipate death with fear of death <—————> is sure that she is
worse but has no fear of death.                         Speaks calmly about it.
8. Fear of darkness <—————->But amelioration with onset of darkness.
9. Hot patient <—————-> great sensitive to draught of cold air and take cold easily.

1.Great weakness of memory or absent minded. 
Cannot remember very familiar names has to ask name of her most
intimate friend. In conversation he would occasionally stop and on resuming make remark that he could not think what word he wanted to use. Weakness of memory where they must write every thing down on a piece of paper and they forget where they put this piece of paper.
Conversely this patient can have a period of being very alert, and active mindedness. During this period he remembers everything and
Understands quietly.

2. Procastinative personalities or desire to procastinate.  

Because of this procastinating nature medorrhinum has great excitement while doing things. He cannot do any thing with ease. He postpones every thing and then if fails he blame others (reproaches others)

3. Clairvoyance: 

Medorrhinum feels very clear in his mind as if he sees things, which normally cannot be seen. Feel matters more sensitively before they occur and generally correctly i.e. predict the future very correctly.

4. Time passes too slowly.

In clairvoyant state of clear perception thoughts happens so fast, they run to each other so fast that each minute seems half an hour (too many thoughts in too short time).
He is in a great hurry when doing anything. In such a hurry that she
gets fatigued. Anxiety when a time is set. (Kent) — he is very hurried to arrive on time. Because he has no clear perception of time.

5. Fear of misfortune.

(It may be due clairvoyance.)
Feeling as if some thing going to happen
” Prophesying disagreeable events ”

6. Anticipation ailments from.

When a time is set, he gets very tense.
Physical sign of anxiety
1. Restlessness of feet. Feet are in constant motion while sitting.
2. Constant biting of nails – they are great nail biters
3. Constant washing of hands.
7. Fear of darkness.  Irritable if the room is not light enough to make every thing distinct.
8. Introspective, self-accusative and remorseful.
9. Impairment of mental faculties — Delusion.
Sees faces wherever he turns his eyes.
He feels that somebody is walking behind him.
Hears whispering.
Sees large people in room, large rats running.
Felt a delicate hand soothing her head from front to back.
Sensation as if all life were unreal like a dream.
10. Cruelty to animal.
He ties up his dog and beat it savagely over a minor annoyance.
He enjoys inflicting pain on animals.
Another medorrhinum patient may be the exact opposite — that is very fond of animals.  The pet became the central focus of the patient’s life consuming incredible attention and energy and perhaps interfering the patient’s occupation.
11. Desperate feeling.
Feeling as if he had committed unpardonable sin and was going to hell.
Cannot speak without crying.
Tendency to suicide. (Gets up in night take his pistol but his wife prevents him.)
12. Over sensitive both mentally and physically.
Everything startles her. ” News coming to her seems to touch her heart before she hears it “.
A word or look of seeming harshness put her in despondency for hours.
13. Great selfishness.
14. Very impatient.
He is in a great hurry in doing anything. He cannot wait, he must do immediately what he feels.
15. Mental symptoms aggravated when thinking of them.
16. All these mental symptoms are most violent during night.

Physical characteristics
1. Aggravation from sunrise to sunset.
All brighter in evening. Aggravation early morning hours is a leading characteristic of all sycotic medicines.
2. Over sensitiveness.
Every thing startles her. Nervous sensibility especially to touch of garments or a lock of hair by anyone.
4. Desires -Salt, sweets, hard green fruits, ice, sour things, orange. Desire for a combination of salt, sweets, and fat — is a good indication for medorrhinum —    Vithoulkas.
4. Peculiarities of sleep.
a) Asleep but hears everything, answers questions as if awake.
b) Bites tip of tongue during sleep.
c) Sleeps at night on her knees with face forced in pillow or sleep on back with hands overhead.
d) Profuse perspiration face and neck during sleep.
e) Sleepy but cannot sleep.
f) If she lies on either side the contents of lower part of the chest and abdomen seems to press upon each other and cause discomfort.
5. Dreams.
Horrid — of ghost and dead people.
Dreams that she is drinking.
6. Intense thirst — Even dreams that she is drinking.
7. Hot patient but great sensitiveness to draught of air and takes cold easily. At the same time there is great desire to be fanned. < Sun, by warmth of bed, entering a warm room.
8. In a state of collapse want to be fanned all the time and craves fresh air. Skin cold and bathed with cold perspiration yet throws of covers.
9. Burning of hands and feet. Wants them uncovered and fanned.
10. Tongue – Thick brown coating or white coating at base.Coated thickly in morning with bad taste.
11. Teeth — Easily decaying teeth with serrated edges. Yellowness of teeth.
12.  Eye  — Sensation as if the upper eyelid has a cartilage in it.
13.  Can only pass stool by leaning very far back.
Very painful as if there is a lump on posterior surface of sphincter; so painful as to cause tears.
14. Asthma — only > by lying on face, and protruding tongue.
15. Pain in the heart region from apex to base.
16.   Breast and nipples are sore and sensitive to touch. Breast cold as ice to touch especially the nipples, rest of the body is warm.
17.  Relief with onset of discharge.     (Leucorrhea, postnasal discharge or even a urethral discharge.)
18. Great sensitivity of the soles of the feet. They are so tender that the patient cannot walk. He is not able to cross hot sand.
19. General amelioration at sea side and aggravation when thinking of the ailments.
20. Profuse perspiration on face and upper lip.
21. Urinary — Renal colic with sensation as of passing calculi.
Pain with great craving for ice.
Nocturnal enuresis — < over work, or play.
< Extremes of heat and cold.  When best-selected remedies fails.
22. Medorrhinum symptoms are characteristically ameliorated in the evening after the onset of darkness but medorrhinum has fear of darkness.

Dr Satheesh Kumar P K   BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala

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