Personality Traits Life Styles of Ign, Nat.mur Sepia

Dr Janardhan Reddy. Hyderabad

Today’s stressful life keeps every individual on tenterhooks. Quite often human beings are running away from the nature and many a time they go against it. As William Boyd in Text book of Pathology puts it rightly that if we go against nature we have to pay penalty for it. We never know in which form we pay this penalty.

The three drugs in question have all the abundant negative qualities, which are definitely the results of their nature to go against the nature. Through these drugs have something in common yet they have many characteristics quiet different from each other.

On is from vegetable kingdom, second is form Mineral and the last one is from Animal kingdom.

The dust receives insult and in return offers her flowers
Nat. Mur can’t see but through her distorted lens.
Absorbed in thought without contact with reality.
Persistently talking of same thing.
Accident prone. Extremes of moods, highly emotional easily gets either irritable or
upset without a valid reason.
Love with some one unobtainable.
Dwells on disagreeable memories and recalls old grievances.
Discontentment of every thing, hatred feeling towards others.
Dwells on disagreeable memories and recalls old grievances.
Discontentment of every thing, hatred feeling towards others.
Speaks what she doesn’t intend and makes mistakes in speaking.
Tormenting thoughts, haunted by thoughts and subjects.
Anger consoled when, doesn’t want to have concern by any one.

If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.
The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the great is their power to harm us.
Long concentrated grief, from bad news, shame, reserved displeasure.
Nursing and nurturing her sorrows.
Bottled up emotions, rumination about unhappy events of the past.
Broods in solitude over imaginary trouble.
Mild natured, quick to perceive, rapid in execution, alert and introvert.
Secretive, dignified, non communicative and wants to be alone.
Impatient, nervous, sensitive and easily gets hurt.
Anger with herself when found fault or contradicted.
Ventilates her suffering as Sighing, sobbing, moaning and yawning.
Avoids disputes and also persons when gets hurt.
Childrefl when scolded or sent to bed get sick, sob or have convulsions in sleep.
Emotional upsets with several symptoms simulating organic diseases, all investigations showing N.A.D
Former Addl. Director, IM&H, A.P

The Great Earth Makes Herself Hospitable With The Help Of The Grass Cuttle fish is an independent creature which swims alone in the sea water – Sepia wants to be away from people, withdrawing nature; an introvert.
A lady with wide, hairy, pigmented, frozen face with vacant looks, flat chested, small pelvis, infantile uterus, pot bellied, masculine built & rigid fibre.
Doesn’t state clearly what she wants, a nagging lady. Selfish, miserly & greedy. Expects presents from others without any intension of reciprocation.
Sensation of ball in inner parts.
Aversion to sex with tendency for depression.
Leucorrhoea, Menstrual complaints, Prolapse of Uterus, Abortions & Sterility. Independent, mild, sensitive, uncompromising in nature, when gets hurt ?voids forever. Neither she shares her views nor she wants intimacy with others; a few friends & answers in monosyllable.
Sense of insecurity with undemonstratively possessive in nature. Rarely appreciates others, avoids occasions to express gratitude ; totally regardless.

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