Ridiculous PhD Homeopathy by DKMM Homeopathic College


Dr Mansoor Ali K R
Serious impact on standards of Homoeopathic education and research in India

When the whole medical world is busy with upgrading their standards, this step is in the retrograde direction. These are all due to only a handful of power full people with perverted and vested interest, who are more of business minded people, less of homoeopaths.

It is crystal clear that it is just an outcome of the insecurity feeling of various individuals who want to gain the benefits and privileges of the prestigious designation PhD  through much easier and stress free processes – at the same time ridiculing homeopaths in front of other systems of medicine.

Shree Guru Ganesh Nagar, Aurangabad (MS)- 431 004.
web : www.dkmmhomoeocollege.com

Read their notification:
Persons having passed Post Graduate Degree Examination with at least 50% marks or having grade equivalent there to awarded by the concerned University.

The persons from faculties in Homoeopathy and Allied Sciences having passed Graduate Degree and have got at least 15 years professional experience.

Topics : Materia Medica, Organon & Philosophy, Repertory, Medicine, Paediatrics

Phd for faculties in other subjects:
Application for research in inter-disciplinary areas and from applicants belonging to a faculty or subject other than faculty or subject in which the research is proposed to be done shall be considered on the basis of the proven ability and aptitude of the researcher for such kind of research??

Eligibility for Registration :
A candidate may be registered for doing research leading to Ph.D. Degree of any of the Faculties of the University, subject to the conditions mentioned below: –

He/She should hold M.Sc. or two years Diploma or Degree in the subject

In exceptional cases the Board of Research with consultation of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor can allow the candidate for Ph.D. registration even when he/she has no P.G. qualification.!!!!

Selection of Guide !! very funny
1. A candidate shall work under the supervision of a recognized Ph.D. guide of the University
2. However as special case, the Board of Research in the faculty may permit a candidate to register for Ph.D. independently (Self guide ) i.e. without having to work under the supervision of a guide, provided he satisfies the condition for eligibility given above of this direction and has proved ability to undertake independent research work.

: A candidate doing research leading to the Ph. D. degree must have worked for a minimum period of 02 years, and in the normal course, he/she will not be allowed to submit his/her thesis before completing two years from the date of his/her registration as a research student.

Fee:  Total :   14,000/ – for one PhD  For External MD Rs.50,000 – 1,00000 !!!

Fate of External MD people!!…truly very sad
Earlier CCH had started an off campus 2 year External MD Course for diploma holders by paying Rs.50,000 – 1,00000 for converting diploma into ‘post graduation’.

What was the need of that course?

What happened to their cash?

Now any diploma holder can take Ph.D without a post graduation!!

Those who took External MD became fools or ridiculed

This is true to what had happened to graded degree holders.


PG without a  graduation : External MD

Phd with a post graduation : DKMM PhD

Phd without a guide : DKMM PhD

Phd for diploma of 2 years : DKMM PhD

Now reserved for teachers –  later to all – as in the case of External MD

Now in  4 homeopathic subjects : But any teacher on any subject can apply !!!

After postal graduation (External MD) : Postal Ph.d – made for each other!!

Enquiry should be taken against Homoeopathic Post Graduate Colleges in Maharashtra ,where there is no regular attendance of student, no active clinical training, seminars just for name sake, not much  OPD or IPD.

We are requesting all homeopaths to request DKMM to stop this ridiculous PhD or send representation to CCH, AYUSH and Union Minister for Health and family Welfare to withdraw the recognition of DKMM Homeopathic Medical College.

Just compare the Homeopathy Phd programmes by other universities and value the DKMM PhD :   http://www.homeobook.com/phd-in-homoeopathy

Think about it ……

  • Dr Sreevals G Menon

    Lets all be aware that the more this goes ahead we will certainly have the system of Homoeopathy totally derailed. Government shall certainly wind up the crazy apex bodies of Homoeopathy who permit these people. Its just the fancy of some crooks on such bodies and their symbiosis with the Management of such rotten institutions who conspire and develop such academic programmes which cater to the greedy teaching faculty who is crazy to improve or get their salary hiked at the expense of the academic credibility of the system. Lets not spare them even if we have to come down on them on challenges at every level and be a nightmare to them.


    Dr Sreevals G Menon
    National Secretary IHMA http://www.ihma.in
    Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association

  • dr monica

    Its very sad and pathetic to note that we have degrees on sale, including PhDs. Probably it happens only in India! Are the persons responsible for these situations including CCH sleeping or daydreaming? Don’t we all want to see an updated and developed system of Homeopathy, when our counterparts like allopaths are striving to kick us out. Let our system of learning not be ridiculous, but let us wake up to genuineness and hardwork, a systematic approach to knowledge and science.
    Dr Monica, BHMS. M.P

  • dr puneet

    are you know who in the cch,ccrh , AYUSH. in all above bodies person do only those work which benefits and privileges to him.he is only business minded people, not of homoeopaths.he have no relation to improvement to pathy.all of above do not know the meaning of updation
    dr puneet

  • It is now clear that some highly diluted substances affect the biological phenotype by interacting with the genetic blueprint. This realisation has taken the practice into another exciting new phase. The credibility of homeopathy depends on practitioners having a sound scientific (biochemical/genetic/pathogenetic) background. At present, this background is sadly lacking because there are no homeopathic learning centres worldwide that can superimpose these scientific principles of the practice. I also realise that there are no educators within the practice worldwide that can teach these important principles at either an under-graduate or post-graduate level. As I have taught and supervised at all levels including PhD in an international academic setting, I would welcome the opportunity to advance the practice. I have developed a world class course to fill this important educational void,that many practitioners have enjoyed worldwide to meet this growing professional and scientific demand. I would welcome the opportunity to enable all student practitioners and others to recognise the course, and for academic institutions of significance to include it in their educational programme. It is also very important to preserve the significance of various academic awards, particularly with regard to the award of PhD. As I have great experience in this area, I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to establishment of higher education and cutting-edge research programmes, through to PhD level. Finally, I would be delighted to provide my academic CV and information about the Homeovitality system which many senior homeopathic practitioners have added to their practice worldwide.

  • Md Asraul Hoque

    How can I apply Phd(Hom.)Psychiatry INDIA

  • Notun

    The beginning of Ph.D. in homeopathy @ a suitable platform with dedicated researcher and scientist is demand of the hour. Business adds bias to the research work, be it homeopathy or allopathy or others. Media reported, Degrees n diploma’s, question papers-answers were on sale. M.D. Colleges, do take huge donations, fee etc if hearsay are to be relied upon. Power, business, administration when collude, any amount of cry for justice ld be seen as an unwanted noise. How to judge who is right, you or them? Who ll verify? In support of your notions is there Any proof?