State Govts told to shut down 14 homoeopathy colleges


In a delayed move, the Health Ministry has directed the State Governments to shut down 14 homoeopathy colleges in their respective areas for providing substandard education.

The move came after the Ministry found that the institutes, despite being given an opportunity to upgrade their infrastructure, did not do so thus putting the future of hundreds of students in jeopardy.

“Though they were given sufficient time to improve their infrastructure including faculty they failed to comply. Now, we have asked the State Governments to take action against their respective defaulter colleges within next three months or their licence will stand cancelled automatically,” said a senior Health Ministry official.

These institutes are situated across states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan among others.

Interestingly, just six months ago, the Ministry had brushed aside the recommendations of the Central Council for Homeopathy (CCH) which had called for closure of these institutes for acute paucity of teaching staff and other infrastructure as prescribed in the rules.

“But MoS for Health S Gandhiselvan preferred to give them another chance for the academic year 2011-12,” sources pointed out. However, the amnesty failed to deliver results as fresh inspections by the Ministry found that these colleges remained short of meeting minimum educational standards.

The Ministry has now also asked the CCH to conduct a survey, by even engaging government teachers as inspectors, of all the homeopathy medical colleges across the country every year.

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  • Its pathetic, there are many more post graduates and graduates can be utilised in teaching.

  • dr abhishek kumar

    can you given the name of college ,

    • Dr Mansoor

      We are trying to get the list

  • Dr.Chittaranjan Kar

    Pl.publish the list,thnx 4 information.

  • Dr. R. Valavan

    I think there are many more such colleges. At least there is now an initiation.

  • Dr. Abu Laize C.B

    Thats may be very true. I studied in so called Asia’s biggest Homoeo College. There were more 60 teachers here. Out of this only 2% was really interested in teaching. They will come, lectur and go. Nobody except 3 or 4 has’nt told us anything about practicing, inspirational….We had the biggest infrastructure..But most of the patients we saw in our second year was still there during our house surgency…
    And I’ll say a hearsay about a CCH inspection- After the inspection he said ‘If i had the power I would have ordered to demolish this college, Such a waste of National money’.
    Dear sir, If you are interested in the real growth of homoeopathy please collect the statitics on passed out students, what they do now….Most of my friends i know are really really very much frustrated, but no one will say so…after all, we all are doctors na..

  • it is stead of spoiling meritorious students’ life for such sub standard quality of education better to close quickly and save their future.

  • Dr R P Sharma

    this is a right decision of govt. we are happy. thanks for everyone those have made it possible.

  • ghafoor

    It is very much TRUE here in Pakistan. It is great Indian government/health ministry has taken this action, I wish people here also wake up if not ministry(absolutely impossible)people from within.


    the teachers selected in far was not depending on their merit,but depending on their pollitical activities.what more you can expect from these cadres ?