Teachers can now evaluate students online with TRS softwares

TRS Forms and Services, a leading provider of educational technology in India has launched two unique softwares ‘E-Valuator’ and ‘E-Asses’ for educational institutions. Both the softwares aim to facilitate the assessment process and thereby provide technical assistance to teachers. The highly advanced solutions designed exclusively for Indian Higher Education sector would address vital issues of subjective exam valuation and difficulties in the assessment process.

 Speaking about the unique features of E-Valuator, N. Subramanian, Founder, TRS Forms and Services said, “Every year the volume of students appearing for exams is swelling and 20% of them ask for re-evaluation. TRS provides a solution ‘E-Valuator’ which is cost effective and helps in easing this process. It saves time for the institutions in completing their process of evaluation and re-valuation. This will enable web-based online evaluation software in which scanning, indexing and evaluation modules are integrated together that helps to correct subjective-type answer sheets with acute precision. Also it helps in establishing great level of confidentiality and transparency in the process.”

There are features like answer book digitization which helps in automatic archiving of the answer booklets. Others include option of sending a copy of the answer booklet to the students through email for high level of transparency; automatic suppression of student identity for high level of confidentiality; option of multiple evaluations for one answer booklet; marks can be awarded, viewed and corrected for individual question with ease.

The other software “E-Assess” is an innovative & interactive solution for test creation and assessment. Teachers can use it to create objective as well as subjective type of testing. It provides a user-friendly and unique platform to the individuals and institutions for creating, publishing and evaluating examinations, both online and offline using state-of-the-art interactive software backed by an advanced technology system.

R. Ramkumar, Strategic Partner, TRS Forms & Services said, “Daily, weekly assignments and projects can be sent out to students anytime and the later post logging in through an unique user id can take the test and submit the answers online. Security features available to detect and prevent any unethical means of taking the test. Collection, Display and Management of test results are all integrated in eAssess which lets users view results in popular data formats (like .xls) as well as in picture formats (like Charts and Bar-graphs). Candidates can receive help for any wrong answer by an expert trainer through video clipping option”.

The E-line of products has immense applications for schools, Universities and colleges.

www.e-assessment.in  – This can be used by any professor who can quickly create a test or assignment and publish the same for the students to come and answer them online.

www.e-valuation.in  – This platform can be used by the universities for a online evaluation – (Extensive experience in providing scanning and digitizing solutions)

All the above products are available online and can be tested.The softwares are customized products, schools and colleges can get solutions from the company as per their institution’s requirement.

TRS Forms and Services Pvt. Ltd uses OMR, OCR and ICR methods in providing globally accepted advanced technology and customized support to Government departments, Educational institutions. It motto is bringing transformation to the Indian education system is only possible through technology adaptation and acceptance today.
Source : http://www.indiaeducationreview.com/

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