Utility of Synthesis Repertory in the treatment of Migraine

headacheDr  Suman sankar. A. S.
Department of Case taking Repertorisation
Sarada krishna Homeopathic Medical College. Kulashekarak. Tamil Nadu

Under the guidance of  Dr. SHASHI KANT TIWARI

The definite cause of the migraine is yet to be known; the condition may result from a series  of  reactions  in  the  central  nervous  system  due  to  changes  in  the  body  or  in  the environment.  There  is  often  a  family  history  of  the  disorder  suggesting  that  the  migraine  sufferers may inherit sensitivity to triggers like alcohol, hunger, lack of sleep, stress, foods that   contain  caffeine,  monosodium  glutamate  &  nitrates  and  hormonal  changes  in  woman  that produce inflammation in the blood vessels & nerves around the brain causing pain.

The  physical  &  neurological  examinations  as  well  as  laboratory  studies  are  usually  normal  and  serve  to  exclude  other  more  ominous  causes  of  headache.  Though  there  are  many  modes of treatment, no method can give satisfactory result in all cases of migraine.

Migraine   is   a   manifestation   of   constitutional   disorder   and   as   such   it   requires constitutional  treatment  for  its  cure.  Medicines  covering  symptoms  of  headache  only  may  give  temporary relief from time to time but a complete cure there by may not be possible unless the Homoeopathic constitutional medicine is prescribed in appropriate doses.

Homoeopathy  is  a  better  mode  of  treatme nt  in  such  cases,  since  it  can  remove  the  disease  in  its  whole  extent  in  a  reliable  and  the  most  harmless  way.  Although  the  efficacy  of  omoeopathic   medicines   in   treating   migraine   are   studied   in  different     perspectives,  no  systematic  study  has  been  conducted  in  this  subject  in  relation  to  the  role  of  homoeopathic  Repertories.

Synthesis  a  modern  repertory  is  the  product  of  continuous  teamwork  with  superb   technology;  It  is  the  printed  version  of  RADAR  (Rapid  Aid  to  Drug  Aimed  Research)  Computer program.   This   repertory   has   set   a   new   standard   by   adding   information   and   continuous  verification by its users.

This   study   is   to  facilitate   a  clear   unde rstanding   of  the  applicability   of  synthesis  repertory in migraine disorder.

Aims and objectives
Utility of Synthesis  repertory in treatment of migraine.  To study the rubrics related to migraine in Synthesis and other main Repertories.

This  study  shows  the  different  presentations  of  mig raine  and  help  to  understand  the  migraine  in  a  detailed  way.  In  this  study,  the  sex  incidence  of  the  disease  shows  that  the  disease  affects  predominantly  females.  The  age  incidence  in  the  study  showed  more  people  in  the age group of 31-40 years and 21-30 years.  In this study, common migraine is predominant  among  the  types  of  migraine.  It  has  been  observed  in  the  study  that  most  of  the  cases  presented with psoric manifestations.

All the cases showed good improvement after treatme nt. Repertorization using synthesis repertory was found to be very effective in finding the simillimum. The result of the treatment in  the  study  reveals  that  there  is  broad  scope  for  homoeopathy  in  the  treatment  of  migraine,  as  majorities of the patients were relived of their complaints after the treatment.

Download full paper : www.homeobook.com/pdf/migraine-homeopathy.pdf

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