WBUHS MD Homeopathy Repertory Question Papers

West Bengal University of Health Sciences Repertory  Paper. I

Part – II Examination, 2010 (Session  2007 — 2010)
Full Marks: 100                         Time: 3 hrs.

1. a) A good Repertorian should have a good knowledge of case taking – Justify.   10+10

    b) Give a statement regarding Kent’s instruction about case taking.

2. State the history of development of regional repertories. Are regional Repertories holding any advantages over the General Repertories? Discuss with illustrations.   10+10

3. What are the contrasting features of Boenninghausen’s and Kent’s philosophy for Repertorial Analysis of a case? What is the importance of mental symptoms in Boenninghausen’s Repertorization?       10+10

4. . Fever chapter of Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory is the unique contribution of Dr. C:M.Boger-Explain.  20

5.Write short notes on :  4 x 5

  • a) Fragmenta de viribus medica mentorum positivis.
  • b) Concordance.
  • c) Demerits of Card Repertories.
  • d) Grading of medicines in Repertory.

Part – II Examination, 2010 (Session  2007 — 2010)
Repertory – Paper. I I

l. What do you mean by Concordance Repertory? Give a comparative view of plan and construction of Gentry’s Repertory and Knerr’s Repertory.     5+15

2. Why it is said that no Repertory can be considered as complete? Discuss scope and limitations of Repertory.   10+10

3. What is the use of the chapter “Relationship of Remedies” in Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book’? What is the plan and construction of this chapter? How can you come to second prescription when working with this chapter?   4+6+10

4. ‘What special precautions will you take for case taking in acute cases? What types of Repertories are useful for repertorization of an acute case? Illustrate with examples.   20

5. Describe the clinical significance of the following regional repertories in homoeopathic practice.     4×5=20

  • a) Homoeopathic therapeutics of Diarrhoea by J.B.Bell.
  • b) Uterine “Therapeutics by Henry Minton.
  • c) Complete Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica on Diseases of Eyes by Berridge.
  • d) The Therapeutics of Fevers by H.C.Allen.
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