50 millesimal homoeopathy medicines in depression –case series

Dr Sakshi Singh

TITLE: To study the Role of Homoeopathy in Depression by giving in 50 millesimal scale.

ABSTRACT:Depression is a mental disorder that is pervasive in the world and affects us all.unlike many large-scale international problem,a solution for depression is at hand.

KEYWORDS: Depression, 50 millesimal scale.

AIM:To access the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines depression cases.

INTRODUCTION:It is a condition of misery and malaise associated with poor selfconsciousness and self-abnegationwithout hope.


Aetiology:Not clearly known .Genetic factors ,psycho social problems and developmental problems are important.

Predisposing Causes

  • Heredity is an important Factor.
  • Constitution :These patient are of pyknic built ,obes and muscular development is poor.
  • Exposure to stress is important.
  • Organic disease  depressing  the  vital  powers may play some role e.g, various viral diseases, cardiovascular diseases,anemia,myxoedema, ,carcinoma, CVA, multiple sclerosis ,collagenosis, avitaminosis, electrolyte imbalance , porphyria,etc.
  • Drugs,e.g Steroids,Contraceptives.
  • External events involving loss ,disappointment or separation.

Clinical Features

  • Onset is insidious
  • Age:50 to 60
  • Sex:Common in Females.
  • The disease is associated with disturbances of mood ,abnormal response to intellectual stimulation and disturbed autonomic function.
  • Patient loses interest from outside world .
  • Mental and Physical activities are retarded.
  • There is Difficulty in concentration and taking rapid decisions .
  • There may be conspicuous self-reproachful ideas.
  • Patient may be afraid of an impending calamity.
  • There may be intense feeling of guilt and self blame.
  • Suicidal Thoughts ,nihilism and persecutions.
  • Talk is very slow and monotonous.
  • Incomplete speech may be present.
  • If left as such and not treated they usually commit suicide .
  • This is particularly true with severe depressive psychosis associated with restlessnesss and agitation.
  • In manic depressive psychosis there may be morbid relation and hyperactivity .
  • They are usually cheerful and speak fluently with shifting ideas,often cutting jokes with others or making fun but do not give attention to the surrounding.
  • They fail to realise they are ill.
  • Their behaviour becomes inappropriate and undesirable and social binding is completely lost.

Homeopathic Medicine for Depression


OBJECTIVE: To review the literature of Depression to select 50 cases of patients suffering from Depression to do proper case taking to individualize each case, to select the most similar medicine on the basis of similia similibus curantur, to evaluate the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment and to keep regular follow-up of the case to observe the action of remedy.

METHODOLOGY: It was an exploratory and descriptive study. The study was undertaken at  OPDs, IPD & peripheral dispensaries of Sri Guru Nanak Dev  Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Both the sexes of all group but mostly 20-60 years suffering from Depression were taken in the study. Assessment and reassessment were based on symptomatic improvement, and laboratory  investigations, each case followed-up at an interval of 15 days and 1  month.


  • Out of 50 cases 5 cases showed totally cured whereas 45 much improved
  • In maximum number of cases Grief was found to be the main predisposing  factor for Depression
  • During the study Natrum Mur was the indicated medicine prescribed in  maximum number of patients, other medicines being –Staph, S epia,  Silicea, Psorinum, Puls., Calc Carb., Rhus Tox and Ignatia

CONCLUSION: The findings of the above concluded that 95 % of the cases responded well to the indicated homoeopathic similimum. This study proved the to study the role of Homoeopathy in depression by giving in 50 millesimal scale.

FUTURE SCOPE:with the help of homeopathy and 50-millesimal scale depression can cure within short perioad of time without unwanted suffering.


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Dr Sakshi Singh
PG Scholar Department Of Organon Of Medicine
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital ,Ludhiana

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