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Previously known as Kent Homeopathic, Synergy was founded in 1986 by David Warkentin, who was passionate about homeopathy. 

David had a vision to distill the complex process of homeopathic case analysis into an intuitive program that would expand the knowledge base and curative abilities of homeopaths everywhere. 

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are the two iconic programs that came out of this effort and they have been indispensable and powerful tools for case analysis and effective prescription for the last 30+ years.

Most recently, Synergy has taken this innovation further by launching Synergy Homeopathic Software which is a transformation of the old programs into a state-of-the-art software that is several potencies higher.

Works in Windows and Mac 

Student Edition
The Student Edition is ideal for students or those who are new to homeopathy. Our competitively priced Student Edition has all the tools you need to get started. This Edition will support your studies with vital resources based on highly regarded homeopathic courses from around the world. Combining full functionality with all the essential references, including the Reliable Repertory,  you will learn to repertorize and study the materia medica with ease.

Foundation Edition
The Foundation Edition comes equipped with all the professional repertorization and research tools needed to practice homeopathy with confidence. It’s the perfect Edition for students and those in the early stages of their career. With a larger library at your fingertips, the Foundation Edition will help you fine-tune your understanding and application of the principles and practice of homeopathy. 

Professional Edition
This more advanced Edition comes with over 970 volumes of materia medica and repertories. Our Professional Edition harnesses both the classical and modern approach. Ideal for those practitioners looking to develop their skills and become more confident with modern methodologies. Advanced family analysis features combined with an infinite number of analysis strategies provide all the resources needed to analyze and resolve more complex cases.

Visionary Edition
Our Visionary Edition is ideal for the contemporary practitioner who wants a greater degree of versatility, while aspiring to examine cases from a variety of perspectives. Enjoy researching and analyzing cases while referencing both the classical and modern masters. As you delve more deeply into almost 1,000 references, our Visionary Edition will inspire you to become the best, most effective homeopath you can be.

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