66 Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis at New Delhi

Call for papers from practitioners, physicians, academicians to submit research abstracts/papers/presentations

Venue : At Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi,

: From 1 – 4 December 2011.

The Congress will provide you an opportunity to share your clinical experiences and deliberate on the latest scientific research in the field of homoeopathic medicine.
India has become the hub of homoeopathic activities. Come, witness for yourself the changing scenario of homoeopathy in this part of the world, and be a part of the change. Whether you are a homoeopathic physician, a researcher in the field of homoeopathy or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) – LIGA Congress has a range of information to benefit everybody.

Congress Theme
: “Homoeopathy for Public Health”.

Delegates are invited to submit abstracts/manuscripts of their scientific papers. For review and presentation purposes, the topics for papers have been classified as per the following list:

Public Health Initiatives in Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy for epidemics/pandemics (Special focus on emerging viral diseases)

Homoeopathy for Healthy Mother & Happy Child

Homoeopathic Education and Policies

Government policies of Homoeopathy around the world

Professional homoeopathic training – opportunities & challenges

Applied Homoeopathy – Case studies

Materia Medica – clinical verification

Stories of success and failure in difficult cases, highlighting different techniques of treatment

Clinical trials in Homoeopathy – meta-analysis etc.

Miasmatic diagnosis and its relevance in practice

Pharmaceutics & Pharmacy

Basic research in Homoeopathy- scope and limitations

GMP and  pharmacopoeia

Pharmaceutical industry; demands & studies

Drug safety & drug control  legislations

Drug proving – planning & protocol

Homoeopathy in Allied Life Sciences

Homoeopathy in veterinary medicine

Homoeopathy in  dentistry

Agro-Homoeopathy; plant experimentations

Open sessions, Participation in Panel Discussion

The organising committee invites practitioners, physicians, academicians to submit research abstracts/papers/presentations on topics related to the theme of this upcoming event,


Oral presentations
Poster presentations
Documentary videos

A covering letter/note explaining why the paper/ case report/ poster/ video presentation should be published. One of the authors must be identified as the “corresponding author”, who will be contacted for all the correspondence, queries and comments. The covering letter should also contain the full address and contact number of the corresponding author.

: A copyright form is desired from the authors/presenters that the submission for LIGA Congress has not published elsewhere or under consideration. The sample copyright form can be downloaded from here.

: Manuscripts/abstracts can be submitted in either of the following ways:

Online submission

Through email to: ligainfo@gmail.com by 1st May 2011

: Title of the article should be short and sufficiently descriptive and informative and must be relevant to the LIGA’s guidelines. (Word limit: 100)

All manuscripts should have an abstract (of about 250 words) with subheadings of background & objectives, methods, results interpretation and conclusions. Abstract should be brief and indicate the scope and significant results of the paper. It should briefly highlight the principal findings and conclusions.

: Introduction should be brief and state precisely the scope of the paper. Review of the literature should be precise and informative and should correspond to relevance of the paper.

Material & Methods
: The procedures adopted should be explicitly stated to enable the readers to comprehend and clearly perceive the objectives. New methods may be described in sufficient detail along with their limitations clearly indicated. Established methods can be just mentioned with authentic references and significant deviations, if any, with reasons for adopting them. The statistical analysis done and statistical significance of the findings when appropriate should be mentioned. Only important observations need to be emphasized or summarized.

: It should relate the findings/observations from the study/paper. The limitations (in brief) of the paper may also be mentioned here.

Discussion: This part should contain the relevance of the study/work and its comparison with the existing studies or work already done
Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment should be brief and made for specific scientific/technical assistance and financial support.
References: References to literature cited should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the manuscript.
Tables: Tables should be typed separately and numbered consecutively with Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc). They should bear a brief title, and column headings should also be short. Units of measurement should be abbreviated and placed below the headings.
Illustrations and photographs should be in JPEG, JPG or PNG formats and must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.
Abbreviations: Only standard abbreviations are to be used.
Poster abstracts must be presented by the corresponding or primary author.
Poster must be setup 1 hour in advance of Poster session.
Abstract of Poster material should be sent as email to ligainfo@gmail.com by 1st May 2011 along with a covering letter mentioning why it should be included in the LIGA Congress.


Video format is limited to .mpeg, .avi, .swf, .wmv only
A CD/DVD must be prepared with caution and should not be scratched or old
A covering letter mentioning the author(s) names, designation, communication address, valid email ids, and contact numbers must be sent along with the CD/DVD.
On successful receipt and working of CD/DVD a confirmation email will be sent to corresponding author.

Authors may communicate with the Organising Committee
at ligainfo@gmail.com.

For more details
: http://www.liga2011.in

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