A case of Vitiligo in Paediatric age group treated with individualized Homoeopathic Remedy

Dr Deesha Umesh

ABSTRACT  The available treatment options, currently for patients with vitiligo have limited effectiveness, particularly for patients with vitiligo of the acral areas, which are resistant to treatment due to the lack of hair follicles that can serve as reservoirs for melanocytes [1,2]

KEY WORDS – •Autoimmune Diseases  • Homeopathy  • Vitiligo

INTRODUCTION – Vitiligo, also known as leukoderma, is an autoimmune skin condition that results in the loss of melanin pigment. Vitiligo is not a rare condition but is difficult to treat and is associated with psychological distress.

Vitiligo is clinically characterized by the development of white macules due to the loss of functioning melanocytes in the skin or hair, or both. The lesions in some patients may remain static or progress very slowly, whereas, in others, the disease progresses very fast and cover the whole body in few months. In few cases, spontaneous repigmentation has been noticed. It is usually perifollicular.[3] 

It affects around 0.5%–1% of the world population.[4,5]  As high as 8.8% prevalence have been reported in India, where considerable stigma is attached to the disease.[6] Vitiligo patches can appear anywhere on the skin, but commonly affected sites include the area around the orifices, the genitals or any sun-exposed areas such as the face and hands. The hair and rarely, the eyes may also be affected.[6,7]  

The disease is having a major impact on the quality of life of patients. Many patients feel distressed and stigmatized by their condition. Most of the patients report the feelings of embarrassment, which can lead to a low self-esteem and social isolation. [8] 

Unlike other systems of treatment, Homoeopathy treats the local maladies as the local expression of the internal derangement. The exact treatment is determined only after in depth evaluation of individual case for enhancing the body’s own pigment system naturally. The scope of homoeopathic treatment extends beyond the physical symptoms and the approach is more holistic in nature. Homoeopathy, does not consider any one part as being ill but considers the manifestations of illness in one part in its relation to the whole man. The management of vitiligo goes no exception to it. [9]

The homoeopathic literature suggests a number of medicines for the conditions mentioned as ‘vitiligo,’ ‘leucoderma,’ ‘hypopigmented spots’ such as: Alumina, Ammonium carbonicum, Antimonium crudum, Arsenicum album, Arsenicum sulphuratum flavum, Aurum metallicum, Berberis vulgaris, Bryonia alba, Calcarea carbonica, Carbo animalis, Coca, Dulcamara, Graphites, Kalium muriaticum, Lycopodium clavatum, Mercurius solubilis, Natrum muriaticum, Natrum carbonicum, Nitricum acidum, Phosphoricum acidum, Pulsatilla, Sambucus nigra, Sepia officinalis, Silicea terra, Sumbulus moschatus, Sulphur, Tarentula hispanica, Veratrum album and Zincum phosphoricum


A 12year old girl appeared, with bilateral multiple white discolored patches on elbows since 1.5 years. On enquiry her informant i.e her father revealed that it had started as a small white patch and the right elbow which later increased in size gradually and started appearing on her left elbow aswell. She had been on alternative medicines but without much change in her complaints. On probing further it was revealed that her maternal grandmother had vitiligo which used to aggravate on eating spicy food. Her generals were good, there was marked aversion to meat and desire for boiled egg. There was noticeable increase in perspiration on her scalp, more significant in her sleep.

Furthermore it was found that the patient does not talk to her father much, she is very much attached to her mother. She likes to go and stay in her village than being in bangalore, on asking why it was told that she likes greenery and nature. Her vitals were normal.

The following are the findings of local examination

  • Skin – white irregular patch over elbows of both right and left hand.
  • Edges are irregular
  • Colour of hair over discolouration – black 
  • No scaling or any discharge
  • Sensation – Normal

The following symptoms were considered for totality


1 Mind, timid

2 Mind- obedient

3 Generals, food and drinks, desires milk.

4 Stomach-thirstless

5 Generals, food and drinks, meat aversion

6 Nose- scalp on

7 Skin -vitiligo 

Which yielded in the following reportorial result


Kali Carb- 3/7

Calc Carb – 3/6

Merc – 3/6

Sepia – 3/6

Ars Alb- 3/6

Causticum- 3/5

Based on the case, Calc Carb was prescribed to her


2-12-19 : Calc Carb 200 1 dose

               PL BD/10days

31-1-2020 : No new patch, other generals were good

               PL BD/10days 

9-6-2020 : All the patches disappeared except 2 small ones on both elbows

             PL BD/10days

CONCLUSION – The result of the above case suggests that Homoeopathy is very effective in the treatment of vitiligo cases, especially if treated early.


Dr. Deesha Umesh
PG Scholar
Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore

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  1. desire is different in case and reportorial analysis.in homoeopathy cases one symptom can be change medicines.

  2. Very nyc case. It’s give us motivation for autoiycases.
    Milk desire is not mentioned in d above case.
    Pls provide recent follow up..means two yr of treatment

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