A homoeopath can issue the following certificates to the public

A qualified homoeopathic practitioner is entitled to issue all certificates as mentioned in the order issued by the Central Council of Homoeopathy

  1. Certificate of birth or death or disposal of dead under various Central or State Acts 
  2. Certificates of Lunacy and Mental illness under the mental health act 1987 
  3. Certificates under education acts 
  4. Certificates under public health acts and the orders made thereunder
  5. Certificates under the acts and orders related to the notification of infectious diseases
  6. Certificates under ESI Act 1948
  7. Certificates in connection with sick benefit insurance and friendly societies
  8. Certificates for procuring or issuing passport 
  9. Certificates of illness for seeking exemption from attending the court of justice, in public services, in public offices or in ordinary employment 
  10. Certificates under the control of the Department of pension 
  11. Certificates procuring a driving licence



  1. But BHMS doctors are not allowed to issue medical fitness certificate for RTO purpose and only we are left out . Ayurvedic, Siddha and even UNani have been allowed via a notification issued by NCISM on 17th jan 2022 . we need to do something so that BHMS doctors can also issue the certificate

  2. Thank you Sir for sharing this information.. i tried to search it.. thank you so much once again🙏

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