A Journey in to the human core by Dinesh Chauhan

brainAbout Author:
Dr Dinesh Chauhan is a renowned Homoeopath who is extremely popular amongst the students from India and abroad for his lectures, elaborated explanation about the art of case taking and live cases.

A parallel correlation of his subject with the universe, mystic, human philosophy as well as physics, a spontaneous and constant exchange of humour and dialogues with the participants are the benchmark of his lectures that not only reflects his hold on the subject he touches but also makes his lecture a very joyous, lively and trouble free ride for his students.

He was instrumental in putting together Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s books – ‘An Insight into Plants” – Volume I and II.

About Book:
A real jewel and satisfaction behind a successful homoeopathic practice lies in providing a holistic (wholistic) healing to a diseased patient. A key for such practice lies in having a sound understanding upon What constitutes Whole in Health and in Disease, thus touching the root or core as we as homoeopaths always yearn for.

This book is all about understanding the “whole” human being step-by-step and reaching the deepest core. It provides guidelines in understanding what constitutes the Whole in Health thus making it easy to follow its deviated form in Disease. The scientific correlation of the idea with the various universal laws and the latest developments in physics described in this book is the real charm of the journey as it not only makes the entire ride a very interesting one for its reader but also gives a firm footage to the narrated ideas.

Benefits of such deeper understanding of human core in practice is seen as a long term deeper healing produced in a patient besides subjective relief at their mind, body levels; these are well demonstrated as documented cases at the end of the book.

This book is a reflection of his journey into the filed of homoeopathy so far understanding a human is concerned, a dive in the ocean himself, where Dinesh shares his learning experiences, it yearns to navigate those who wish to take a dive in the ocean of homoeopathy

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