A more stable and faster version of Radar Opus 3

RadarOpus 3.0 is really a new experience 

New Interface and logo 

Stable and Faster even in MacOS 12 Monterey and Windows 11

We can add symptoms for Repertorisation directly from the case record 

Can add new symptoms and cross-references 

Can search the final remedy in Vithoulkas books online 

Selection of rubrics for Family history, treatment history and Physiological history from case records by simply selecting the inbuilt drop-down window.

Referencing rubrics – in addition to the Cross-references – that makes understanding of most appropriate rubrics easier. 

A new Views – Reliable Sources T Galic – in the main window and Repertorisation Grid. The “Reliable Sources” View is based on the knowledge and experience of T. Galic and contains only referenced sources.

This means that a reference that only contains the author without naming the work is usually not taken into account, as such a source cannot be traced and verified due to the lack of complete information.

Personal Chapter in new Synthesis Adonis 

You can add or modify a symptom Note – given as flag sign after the rubrics 

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