A Reference to Repertories for Homoeo Students by Dr Siju P V

Book Review by Dr Mansoor Ali K R

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Comments by Dr. D.P. Rastogi.
If you look for a reliable and informative book on the subject of repertory which can be relied by a PG student as well as a UG student, this is the book.
In short, I can say that “no such book, complete in information and authentic at the same time, has appeared so far and therefore I recommend this to all students.”

Salient features
In this work post Kentian repertories are explained in details comparing to other works.
Evolution of Kent’s repertory is given by demonstrating repertories like Hering’s ,Lippe’s and Allen’s.

The entire works of individual authors are mentioned together- more useful to students and teachers.
The number of remedies in each repertory has been cross checked by the author but differs in other similar books.

Fever ,eye, rheumatism and noseode section in different repertories are compiled together

The Highlights of this book is as follows,

  1. Information of more than 50 repertories date is incorporated which helps the Postgraduate students for easy reference.
  2. The repertory data is designed in a specific format for a easy study.
  3. Maximum care is taken in order not to have mistakes especially in case of number of remedies, year of publication, gradation, etc.
  4. Each author’s contribution in their life time in repertory is incorporated in one area so that the changes in their attitude can be notices easily.
  5. In thought evolution of repertories old edition Materia medica pura and Chronic diseases volumes are considered in order to avoid confusion while studying early repertories.
  6. Card repertories and software’s are mentioned in detail with demonstration of cards for easy understanding.
  7. Relation ship section is unique in nature by incorporating all the author’s contributions in relationship under one heading. For example – Knerr’s, Gibson miller’s, Boenninghausen’s, Boger’s, etc.
  8. Section on types of repertories for various types of illnesses is well explained based on Hahnemannian Classification of disease.
  9. Clinical repertory section is given separately with its classification like,
  10. Fever section consist of Boenninghausen’s, HC Allen’s, WA Allen’s, Boger’s fever for easy comparison.
  11. Eye related repertories
  12. Rheumatism related repertories
  13. Nosodes related repertories
  14. General clinical repertories.

Main contents
Repertory in General
Boenningahusen’s repertories
Boger’s repertories
Pre- Kentian repertories
Kent’s repertory
Post Kentian repertories
Concordance and other repertories
Card & Software packages
Clicical repertories
Fever ,eye, rheumatism and noseodes in different repertories
Short notes from question papers

Comparing to other books of this category – this one is more user friendly and memorable to students. But at the PG level more additions are expected and required.

Author can be contacted :
Dr. Siju P.V. Kerala State.
Ph: 091 484 2458500
Email : drsiju@hotmail.com

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