Throat chapter in Synthesis repertory – a comparative study

Dr Sunila BHMS,MD(Hom)

Synthesis; Repertorium Homoeopathicum Syntheticum by Frederik Schroyens is the printed version of RADAR (Rapid Aid to Drug Aimed Research) computer programme.

It is enlarged version of 6th American edition of Kent’s Repertory. It contains all its rubrics and remedies. This repertory has been improved qualitatively in structure and language to make it more comprehensible and to facilitate easy reference at the time of need.

Throat and External Throat
These chapters contain repeatedly checked additions from all standard homoeopathic literatures. The sources are indicated in abbreviated form towards the end of each medicine.

These chapters include so many clinical rubrics and sub rubrics which help in the study of homoeopathy in relation to modern pathology.

Important clinical rubrics


  1. APHTHAE: ign

–          tonsils on:bell, gels

  1. CANCER: carb-an 

–          Oesophagus: phos, plat

  1. CATARRH: Nat-m 
  1. DIPHTHERIA: (↑Membrane) Apis, Ars, Brom, Kali-bi, Kali-chl, Lac-c, Lach, Lyc, Phos, Phyt, Rhust

extending to left: Lyc

extending to right: Lach


–          Vesicles: Rhust

 pharynx: ant-t ,canth

 Tonsils: aur-m, iris, nit-ac

 Uvula: calc

6.      INFLAMMATION Tonsils (Tonsillitis)- Alum, Bar-c, Bell, Guai, Merc, Merc-d, Lac-c, Nit-ac, Sil

Pain less: Bapt 

  1. GANGRENE: Ail , Ars , Arum-t , Crot-h

Saliva: Lach

Solids: Bapt, Bar-c

Sweets: Lach

  1. LUMP, rising sensation (Globus Hystericus)  Asaf, Ign, Lyc, Mosch, Nat-m, Nux-v 
  1. PARALYSIS: Ars, Lach,Sec, Stram

–          Ooesophagus: Ars

    Sensation of: Ars

–          Pharynx: Ars , Lach

–          Post diphtheritic: Ars , Lac-c , Lach , Naja , Sec 

  1. STRICTURE of ooesophagus –r As, Bapt, Bar-c, Nat-m
  1. SUPPURATION of tonsils (Quinsy): Bar-m, Hep, Merc, Sil 
  1. SWALLOWING, difficult: Am-c, Bar-c, Chin, Hyos, Kali-c, Lach, Lyss, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Rhust, Stram, Stry 

·         drink inorder to swallow: Bell, Cact, Nit-ac

·         fluids only, but solid food gags: Bapt, Crot-c, Crot-h, Plb, Sil

·         liquids: Lach, Lyss, Stram

more difficult than solids: Lach

·         pills, big: Lyss

·         saliva: Lach

·         solids: Bapt, Bar-c

·         sweets: Lach

  1. ULCERS: Apis, Ars, Merc, Merc-c, Hep, Nit-ac 
  1. VARICOSE: Ham 

External throat 

1.      GOITRE: NAT-M, Calc, Iod, Spong

Right: Lyc, Phos

Left: Lach

Exophthalmic (Basedow’s disease, Grave’s Disease)    Aml-ns, Iod, Lycps-cu, Nat-m, Phos

2.      INDURATION of glands: Bar-m, Bell, Calc, Calc-I, Carb-an, Con, Sil, Sulph, Tub

–          Cords, like knotted: Bar-i, Bar-m, Calc-i, Tub

3.      STIFFNESS, of sides: Bry

Right: Caust

Left: Bell, Puls

4.      SWELLING: Lyc, Rhust, Tarent

–          Cervical glands: Arum-t, Bar-c, Bar-m, Bell, Cist, Calc, Graph, Kali-c, Lyc, Merc, Rhust, Sil, Staph, Sulph

–          Thyroid gland: Carb-an, Kali-I

5.      TORTICOLLIS (wry neck): Lachn, Lyc, Phos

Right: Cupr, Lach, Lyc

Left: Lyc, Phos

There are a number of rubrics and sub-rubrics which have only single medicine; but it carries 3 marks. These rubrics are very helpful for keynote prescription.


1.      BREAD, crumbs sensation of:

–          Hawking amel: Lach


–          Accompanied by

?   Tongue

Protruding: Phyt


–          Redness

?   Tonsils

Dark red: Carb-ac

4.      FOREIGN body, sensation of:

–          Rhino pharynx; as if some thing hanging in: Yucca

5.      HAWK; disposition to

–          Morning

?   Mucus; from thick, post nasal: Caps


–          Burning, pressing, dark: Caps


–          Painless: Bapt


–          Tonsils

?   Accompanied by salivation: Bar-c


–          Tonsils

?   Painless: Bapt


–          Fauces causes cough; irritation deep in:  Dros


–          Left

?   Alternating sides: Lac-c


–          Wrinkled: Ars

13.  PAIN, swallowing

–          Hyoid bone; when food is behind: Calc

14.  PAIN

–          Weather

?   Change of:  Calc

15.  PAIN

–          Burning

?   Pressure: Merc-c

16.  PAIN

–          Burning

?   Ooesophagus:

Pressure on: Merc-c

17.  PAIN

–          Sore

?   Alternating sides: Lac-c

18.  PAIN

–          Sore

?   Straining throat, after: Rhust

19.  PAIN

–          Sore

?   Weather, change of:  Calc

20.  PAIN

–          Splinter

?   Extending to ear

Turning head on: Hep

21.  PAIN

–          Splinter

?   Extending to ear

Yawning, on: Hep

22.  PAIN

–          Splinter

?   Cold, on becoming: Kali-c

23.  PAIN

–          Tearing

?   Tonsils: Bell

24.  PAIN

–          Tearing

?   Tonsils:

Swallowing on: Bell 

25.  SUPPURATION of tonsils:

–          Acute: Bell


–          Difficult

?   Acrid foods: Lach


–          Difficult

?   Pills, big: Lyss 


–          Difficult

?   Sweets: Lach 


–          Impeded

?   Liquids can swallow

Solids reach a certain point and are violently ejected: Nat-m 


–          Impossible

?   Constriction of oesophagus

Cardiac opening: Phos


–          Angioedema: Apis

External throat

1.      ERUPTIONS:

–          Vesicles

?   Side of:

Discharge of ear from: Tell


–          Night

?   Midnight: Rhust

3.      PAIN

–          Throat pit

?   Hawking of mucus: Caust 

THROAT AND EXTERNAL THROAT – Comparison between Synthesis and Kent 

Rubrics and sub rubrics present in Synthesis, but absent in Kent

(Additions to Kent’s Repertory)


  1. *ADENOIDS: (See Nose Adenoids)
  2. *ADHESIVE: Caust, Kali-n
  3. *ANXIETY and apprehension in throat: Cann-s

          Oppression in tonsils; with: am-m

  1. *BALL: sensation of a (lump)
  2. *BITING: sensation in back part of fauces between acts of swallowing:ambr
  3. BLOOD (K):

– Hawks up dark clotted blood: Zinc

– Oozing

?   Sensation :zinc

  1. CANCER (K)


  1. CATARRH: (K)

– waking; on: hydrog

– smokers, of: arg-n

– Oesophagus: seng

  1. CHEESY: (K)

– lumps; hawks up cheesy (see Hawks)

– tubercles; hawks out cheesy (see Hawks)

  1. CHOKING (K)

– angina pectoris : tab

– bowing the head

amel: cenchris

– cardiac pain, with: Cact 

– dinner

after: bar-c

– drinking: Hyos , NAT-M (Kent-Hyos , Nat-m )

– drinks

warm- lach

– dryness in larynx; from:ars-s-f

– eating

when: hydrog

after: agar

– expectoration; with:ambr

– froth; from:lyss

– hawking up mucus; when


– hysterical:cact

– mucus; from:

mouth; in:sul-ac

– rising sensation:

– sensation of :

– walking

wind; as from walking in:plat

– warm


– water

?   drinking: stram

  1. COLDNESS; sensation of (K)

– right: bamb-a

– air agg; open: bamb-a

  1. *COMPLAINTS, of throat
  2. *CONCRETIONS in tonsils (see Hawks)



?   Right: nat-m

  1. *CRACKING in throat: caust
  2. CRAMP (K)

–  night: sars

– eructations, from: coloc

–  Oesophagus: arg-n   ; zinc


          eating by: hepat

  1. DIPHTHERIA (K see membrane)

          Accompanied by

?   saliva

Bloody: Merc-c 

viscid: Kali-bi 

?   tongue

aphthae: merc-cy

black discolouration: Merc-cy

brown discolouration: Chinin-ar 

yellowish brown: bapt

grey discolouration: Merc-c 

mapped tongue: Nat-m 

pointed tongue: Lach 

protruding: Phyt

red discolouration of the tongue: Merc-cy 

tip: merc-cy

swelling: Merc-i-r

white discolouration of the tongue: Bapt , Phyt

heavily coated: Chinin-ar , Merc-I-r 

root of tongue: Merc-I-f 

yellowish white: lac-c

dirty yellow: Lach 



?   Spots: carb-v

          bluish tonsils: am-c


?   spots: sars


?   right: cench

?   patches: calc

?   dark red: zinc-c

?   tonsils

dark red: carb-ac

      – white

?   uvula: carb-ac

  1. *DRAWN out sensation: mag-c
  2.   DRYNESS


          accompanied by:

?   salaivation: colch 

–          cold;aftertaking a: nat-ar

–          coughing

·  from

·  amel: stann

–          itching: mang

–          roughness: Dros

–          sleep;during: seneg

–          swallowing

  amel: stann

–          urination after: nit-ac

–          Fauces: xan

–          Nasopharynx:

  1. *DUST in; as if: coccus- cacti

– sensation as if


          pharynx had disappeared; hollow feeling as if: lach, phyt, x-ray



                  upper part; sensation of enlargement: elat






  1. FISSURED: (K)

–          Pharynx(K)

left side: kali-bi

  1. FOOD(K)

–          Lodges in throat (K)

bread crumb- graph

eating fast;when: lach

–          sensation of

epiglottis,about. hepat

–          Ooesophagus:

cardia: ign

  1. FOREIGN body(K)

– sneezing while:bar-c

– walking rapidly, on:nat-c

– Rhinopharynx; as if something hanging in :Yuc

  1. FULLNESS : (K)

–          swallowing(K)

    amel: cenchris

  1. *GLUEY: sep  
  2. HAIR (K), sensation of

–          right

    extending to

                                        eye, through facial bones to: hydrog

  1. *HANGING sensation as if mucos

–          thread: valer+2

  1. *HARD, as if: cupr
  2. HAWK; disposition to

–          morning

    mucus, from thick, postnasal: caps+3

  • dryness, from: alum
  • eating after
  • mucus in throat and mouth’ from thick: arg-n
  • sit up; must: nat-p
  • tickling, from: sulph.
  • HEAT (K)
  • air in open: ant-c
  • coryza, during: mag-m
  1. *HOLLOW Feeling (see emptiness)
  2. *HUNGER in; sensation of: mang

–          Glands of: Carc


-alternating sides: Lac-c

– after noon: Lach

– accompanied by

    ear, pain in left (EAR-pain-left accompanied throat)

    salaivation: Bar-m 


dirty discolouration: kali-m 

mucus on tongue

                        collection of mucus: phyt

                             white mucus: Ign  

                  white discolouration of the tongue

                        heavily coated: merc  

–          burning, pressing,dark: Caps

–          malignant: chinin-ar

–          scarlet fever: chinin-ar

–          weather

    cold wet: kali-bi

–          winter: kali-bi

–          extending to:

    downwards: merc

    larynx: kali-bi

    nose: Nit-ac 

    upwards: merc

and downwards: merc  

–          pharynx:

    acute: syph

    atrophic: sabal

–          Tonsils: (K)

    accompanied by

salaivation: Bar-c

acute: arn

    alternating sides: Lac-c

    coryza, after: sabal

    follicular: ignatia


autumn,in: merc


–          right: choc

–          fauces causing cough, irritation deepin: Dros

  1. ITCHING (K)

–          laughing, from: mang

–          swallowing agg: nux-v

–          talking from: mang

–          fauces

  1. LUMP (K)

–          right side

–          left side

–          bitter lump: sul-ac

–          eating after: amb

–          hard lump

–          swallowing

    left to right; lump from: xan

    impossible: ign

–          Upper throat: lac-ac

–          Middle

–          Throat-pit

–          Tonsils

–          Oesophagus

    cardiac opening

    inferior oesophagus (see cardiac)

    middle oesophagus: chin  , puls 

    superior oesophagus (see upper)

    upper oesophagus

  1. MAPPED:merc-I-f
  2. MEMBRANE: (↑ Diphtheria). (K)

–          accompanied by

coryza:Arum , kali-bi , Nit-ac

–          knotty: kali-i

– painless: Diphtherium 

– patches

    white: lach

–          prophylaxis:apis, diph, merc-cy


–          gout:benz-ac, merc

  1. MUCOUS patches

–          forepart of throat: merc

  1. *MUCOUS(K)

–          black

–          bloody

    breathing, hindering: aur

–          cheese; tasting like old: psor

–          cool: phos

–          copious: cor-r

–          eating


–          hindering bereathing: aur

–          lumps:


– rattling:podo

–          weather

    wet: mang

–          yellow

    uvula: sep

–          anterior part: merc

  1. NARROW sensation: (K)

–          night: phos


– right tonsil: sep

  1. PAIN (K)

– alternating sides: lac-c

–          right (K)

– extending to

left:Bell , Lyc , Merc-i-f

–    left (K)

    extending to

right: Lach , Rhust

–    evening (K)

    amel: chinin-s

–    night

    drink often; which causes him to: cinnb

–    accompanied by

          coryza: bamb-a

–    alternating with

    anus; pain in: sinapis alba

– bed in: Merc 

– body, as from a foreign: mag-c

– chroniccalc, granit-m

– cold

    things, from: Hep ,Lyc

–    cough; with

–    drinks (K)


thirst for: sulph

–    eating (K)

after: ambr

–    eructations, after: sulph

–    exertion

–    food


                                       agg: Hep ,Lyc

–    foreign body, as from: mag-c

–    hawking


–    laughing: nat-m

–    milk

    after: ambr

–    motion on

    head of: phos

    throat of: cham

    tongue of: alum, amvr

–    nervous angina: mag-p

–    opening mouth: kali-c

–    periodical days; on alternate: lach

–    pressure

–    sneezing

    amel: ambr

–    storm; during or after north east: lac-c

–    swallowing

    hyoid bone; when food is behind: Calc

    solids   agg:      amel:

–    swollen glands, as from: nat-m

–    syphilitic: lach

–    talking amel: calc

–    weather

    wet: Calc (K-damp weather)

–    extending to

    chest: sang

    ear (K)

    coughing on: bry




    nostrils: phos

–    Oesophagus (K)

    Pressure on larynx agg: iod

–    pharynx (K)

    accompanied by


                                       white discolouration of the tongue

                                       heavily coated: phos

?   turning head: Bell 

?   extending to ears: tub

–    Tonsils (K)

?   left: psil

                                          extending to:

            ears: Calc 

?   air; open: kali-c

?   warm


    amel: kali-c

–          aching

?   chilliness; with: cadm-s

?   Tonsils:  aesc

–          biting

    Tonsils: iod

–          boring: arg-met

–          burning (K)

?   cold air amel: sang

?   drinking amel: kali-n

?   drinks

cold (K- cold drinks after)


?   warm food; from: kali-c

?   hawking (K)

                                       must hawk: gink-b

    menses before: sulph

    pressure on: Merc

    rising before: ptel

    vapour; as from hot: merc


   drinking on: mez

    extending to (K)

   mouth: ph-ac


   Extending to upward: cocc 

–          clawing: alumn

–          crampy: zinc

–          digging: arg-met

–          dragging down: lil-lig

–          drawing

    swallowing: alumn

    touch agg: staph

–          gnawing: ambr

–          pinching

–          plug when swallowing; as from a: chan

–          pressing

    coughing;when: caps

    sneezing;when: led

    vomiting;when: anac


   breath;taking: ther



   evening and night: zinc

   swallowing: zinc

   yawning, when: zinc

–          rawness

    talking; from: arum-t

    extending to

   chest: all-c

   larynx: arg-met

   nose: choc

    back of the throat

                                           inspiring; when: conv

    epiglottis: Bell

–          salaivation amel; after: arum-m

–          scratching: tub

    awn; like an

    swallowing; on

–          sore

    alternating sides: Lac-c

    accompanied by

                                           dryness: luna

    alternating; with:

                                           eye inflammations of (see Eye-Inflammation alternating sore)


                                           nursing infants: bapt


                                           every cold from: alumn, lach

    drinking; after: nit-ac

    expectoration; after: arund

    inspiration; on: mez

  spot; in a dry:

  straining throat, after: Rhust


   change of: Cale

   (K-change of weather)

  yawning; when

   extending to

         ear: hydrog

  extending to

    left: psil

–          splinter

  breathing, when: arg-n

  motion of neck: arg-n

–          stinging

   nausea; with: xan

–          stitching

    forenoon: led

    boring-stitching: stann


    amel: stann


    amel: spong

    after: kali-n


    throat; of: graph

    pressing on the larynx; when: kali-n


    stooping and rising, on: graph

    pressing on swollen glands amel: spig

    turning the head; on: hep

    extending to

    cervical region: stann

    ear:  (K)

    coughing; when: mag-m

         left ear: staph

         talking; when: calc

         turning head; when: Lep

         yawning; when:

–          tearing

    left: zinc

    drinking; after: nit-ac

    jerking: zinc

    sneezing; when: phos

    upward: lyc

    Oesophagus (K)

    Sensation of tearing by force of rising flatus: coca

  1. PRICKLY (K)

–          swallowing

    empty; on:

            only: cench


–          right: hydrog

–          lying

    left side agg: choc

  1. *PUTS finger in throat:  bell  

–          uvula

  1. ROUGHNESS:  (K)

–          forenoon: mag-c

–          cold; as from talking: bamb-a

–          dinner amel: mag-c

–          eating after: anac

–          expiration; on:

–          hiccough, from: borax

–          talking

    preventing: ph-ac

–          uncovering, from: kali-c

–          weather, wet: phos

  1. SCRAPING:  (K)

–          evening

bed, in: plat   , sulph

–          coughing, when: bell

–          lying amel: nat-c

–          talk; before being able to


–          night: con

–          coughing: bell

–          dinner, after: dig

  1. *SINGING agg: dros
  2. *SOFTNESS: cist
  3. *SORE throat (see inflammation, pain)
  4. SPASMS (K)

–          coughing; on: bell

–          head ache; during: cadm-s

–          Oesophagus:

eating: cadm-s

  1. SPOT; sore in a dry (see plain sore,spot)
  2. *STONE:  (see Foreign-stone)
  3. *STRANGULATED feeling (see choking sensation)

membrane; from sensation of: hydrog

  1. SWALLOW:  (K); constant disposition to

–          bitter taste from: chin

–          deep in the throat: calc

–          saliva from:


    bending forward

     amel: nit-ac


    cold thinks; from: sabad


     cold food; from: sabad


    amel: kali-c

    pills; big: Lyss  

    sweets: Lach 

–          impeded (K)

    cardiac orifice: con

–          impossible

    constriction of oesophagus (K)

    night: alum

    saliva: spig

    solid: tub

    warm soup: lyc

  1. SWELLING:  (K)

–          right: cench

–          left: spig

–          accompanied by

    salivation: anthraci 

–          coughing on: ars

–          sensation of: Lach  (*KENT: SWOLLEN sensation of:  Lach )

    right side: tub

–          palate; soft: arn

–          tonsils


    pale; scrofulous children: chenopodium



    diarrhoea; with: asimina

    pharyngeal tonsils (see Adenoids)

  1. TENSION (K)

–          Throat pit (see External-tension-throat pit)

  1. TICKLING (Kent; see larynx)

–          Hair in throat; as from a (see hair)

  1. *TONSILLITIS (see inflammation-tonsils)
  2. ULCERS (K)

–          accompanied by


    brown discolouration: lyc

–          bleeding

–          bluish: carb-v

–          corroding: merc

–          dirty: nitac

–          flat: merc

–          painless: bapt

–          perforating: kali-c

–          phagodenic

–          syphilitic

–          white: nit-ac

–          mucus membranes

     margins: lach

  1. *VAPOUR, fumes etc. rising in throat; sensation of

–          hotvapour: hydrog


–          Oesophagus: Ham

  1. *WATER

–          full of: hep

–          seems to run outside, not going down oesophagus: verat

  1. *WEAKNESS, agg. exertion: lac-c

External throat

  1. AIR (K)

?   blowing through glands and thyroid on breathing: spong

?   cold air; sensitive to: hydrogenium

  1. * ALIVE in goiter

     sensation of something: spong

  1. * CLUCKING in muscles: rheum

?   night: Lyc

  1. * CONGESTION: kali-c

holding hands on heart: am-c


      finger; as from: nat-ar

  1. * CRACKING in muscles: limestone   , rheum

?   itching: kali-n

?   red ness

    stripe, in: mang

    white spots: nat-c

?   glands

    purple: carb-an

  1. * DISTENSION left: caust
  2. * DISTORTED:  ars
  3. * ENLARGED, sensation of: hydrogenium

?   burning: kali-n

?   itching

?   herpes

symmetrical: lac-d

?   pimples

row, in a: thuja

?   painful

?   scratching, after: mag-c

?   stitching: phos

?   red

  1. * EXCORIATION from rubbing of clothes: oleander   , squil

?   Thyroid: ambr

  1. GOITRE (K)

–          Cough from: psor 

–          exothalmic

    accompanied by heart complaints: cadm 

    menses, from suppressed: ferr

    tuberculosis in goiter, with: nat-c

–          pressure in goitre, with: nat-c

–          puberty: calc-id

–          tickling: plat

–          twitching: lyc

  1. HEAT

–          erysipelas: rhust


–          menses; during: mag-c

–          stitching

–          extending to


–          Thyroid gland: ambr

  1. JERKS left: mez
  2. PAIN (K)

?   motion , on: phos

?   touch, on: phos

?   cervical glands

    air; open: kali-c

    touch agg: lach

    turning head; when: kali-c



   amel: kali-c

–          sides

    right: ph-ac   , sars

    motion; on

external throat, of: tarax

   jaws, of: tarax

    touch; on:

    yawning: plat

–          sternocleido muscles

    upper part: gels

–          sternomastoid muscle

    left: elaterium

–          blow; as from a:

    upper side: ruta

–          drawing: nat-m


   extending to

      elbow: lyc

      eye: phos-ac

–          drawing

–          jerking:

–          pinching:


–          pressing:

    cervical glands




   motion, agg: sars

swallowing, impending: anac

   touch, agg: sars

extending to shoulder: sul-ac

    sublingual glands: cod

–          soreness

?   deep in the throat: cycl

?   touch: cicuta

?   side, left: angostura vera

–          stitching

?   intermittent: cupr

?   turning head when : hep

?   extending to foot: lyc


–          Night: nit-ac

–          One sided: nit-ac

  1. *PRESSES throat with both hands: bell

–          Carotid

    Left: sulph

    Epistaxis amel: tarent

    Headache during: gels

    Pregnancy: gels

    Walking rapid after dinner: carb-ac

–          Goiter


–          Angles of jaw at: thyr

  1. *SPRAINED sensation: carb-an
  2. *STRAINING muscles: sep
  3. *STRETCHING: sep

–          Coughing when: ars

–          Cramp after: graph

–          Menses before: iod

–          Sensation of: mang, xanthoxylum

–          Carotid; left

?   Stooping on: ars

–          Cervical glands

?   Beads; around neck like string of: aeth

?   Knocking: cist

?   Painful to touch: cupr, granit-m

–          Sides

?   Right

?   Sensation

?   Stripe: mang

?   Suppurative: hyos

–          Veins

?   Pressure on left side as if veins were swollen: sil

  1. TENSION (K)

–          Menses before: iod

–          Extending to head: granit-m

–          Sides

?   Bending head backward: cic

–          Glands: ambr

–          Thyroid gland: agar

–          Throat pit in


–          Gland: kali-c

–          Goitre: plat

  1. *TINGLING: calc
  2. *TIGHT around neck and waist; cannot bear anything: Lach, Sep
  3. TORTICOLLIS (K)  Waking on: ascelipias tuberose
  1. *TREMBLING: graph
  2. *TOUCHING agg: Lach, Phyt
  3. TWITCHING (K)     Sides

?   Right: lyc

?   Left: mez, sars

  1. WARTS (K)

–          Side

?   Left: carc 

Comparison of throat chapter in synthesis with that in murphy’s repertory
MURPHY’S Repertory is an alphabetical repertory based on Kent’s Repertory. Here the chapters, rubrics and sub rubrics are arranged in an alphabetical order.

Almost all the rubrics present in synthesis are present in Murphy’s Repertory.

Rubrics which are absent in Murphy’s repertory are: 

  4. SAND in throat: berb, caust
  5. SINGING agg: dors

Rubrics present in ‘Throat’ and ′External Throat in SYNTHESIS are present in ‘Throat’ chapter and ‘Disease’ chapter in MURPHY’S repertory.

Important rubrics present in ‘Throat’ Chapter (in MURPHY’S repertory) which are absent in SYNTHESIS:-

  1. AEROPHAGIA: plat
  2. AIR, throat, external, sensitive to: (synthesis → External Throat)
  3. BORING pain
  4. BURNING pain
  5. CATARRH (S)

-measles after: carb-v

-sudden           : ARS

  1. CHOKES easily : ARG-M, BELL, HYOS, LACH
  2. CLERGYMAN sore throat (see speaker’s sorethroat)
  3. CLUCKING throat, external muscles in: rheum
  5.  COLLAR, as if too tight, throat, external: aml- n, sep
  6. CONGESTION, throat, external: kali-c
  7. CRACKLING, throat, external, in muscles:rheum
  8.  CRUSHED, throat, external, as if: sep
  9. CRYPTS, grayish-white tonsils: ign, lac-c
  10. CUTTING, pain
  11. DRAWING, pain
  12. DRIPPING uvula
  13. OEDEMA, throat: Apis, Kali bi
  14. FINGER, puts in: bell
  15. FISTULA, throat, ext: phos, sil
  16. GAGGING, general
  17. GARGLING, agg: carb-v
  18. GRASPS, throat, external during cough
  19. GURGLING, drinking after: Phos
  20. HERPES
  21. JERKS, throat, external, left: mez (Synthesis → External Throat)
  22. LANCINATING pain
  23. NECROSIS, fauces: merc, merc-cy
  24. PAIN, throat
  25. PAIN, pharynx
  26. PAIN, tonsils
  27. PAIN, uvula
  28. PEPPER, sensation in: hydrog
  29. PERISTALSIS, reversed: ambr, asaf  (Synthesis → REVERSED, peristaltic action of oesophagus)
  31. PHTIHISIS (See Tuberculosis)
  32. POLYPS (See Larynx)
  33. PRESSING pain
  34. PRESSURE in throat pit: Brom, Lach
  35. RAW pain
  36. REDNESS of (Synthesis→ DISCOLOURATION, redness)
  37. RHEUMATIC pain
  38. SPEAKER’S sore throat: Arg-n, Arum-t, Caps, Caust, Rhust
  39. SPONGY appearance: merc
  40. STINGING pain
  41. TEARING pain
  42. THROBBING pain
  43. THYROID gland (See Glands Chapter)
  44. TONSILLECTOMY ailments after: arn, calc, calend, strept, sulph
  45. VESICLES: apis,rhust
  46. WORM, crawling up, throat as if: zinc


  1. Synthesis Repertory by Fredericke Schroyens
  1. Homoeopathic medical repertory by Robin Murphy
  1. Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J T Kent

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