A rhyme on skin affections treated by homoeopathic plant remedies

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ABSTRACT- Rhyme is fun and it’s create a mental picture and expanding the imagination of children. Many homoeopathic medicines are prepared from plant sources, which are useful in skin affections. Aim of this study to focus on one specific disease and the plant medicines involved in treating it. 20 homoeopathic plant medicines (Abrotanum, Agnus castus, Aloe socotrina, Anacardium orientale, Arnica Montana, Arum triphyllum, Belladonna,Caladium seguinum, Calendula officinalis, Camphora, Cicuta virosa, Hypericum perforatum, Phytolacca decandra , Ranunculus bulbosus , Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta Graveolens , Sabadilla, Sabina, Staphysagria, Thuja occidentalis) here for rhyme. So put your faith in the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, and flowers of Earth.

KEYWORDS- Rhyme, Homoeopathic medicine, Materia Medica.


rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds in the final stressed syllables and any following syllables of two or more words. Most often, this kind of perfect rhyming is consciously used for a musical or aesthetic effect in the final position of lines within poems or songs.

When listening to rhyming songs and poems children create a mental picture, expanding the imagination.

Because rhyming is fun, it adds joy to the sometimes-daunting task of learning to read.

There are numerous homoeopathic medications available, particularly plant medicine. It is difficult to remember their names and symptoms. As a result, rhyming is the most interesting way to learn each drug. The learning as well as the understanding for each one of the medicines will become easier.

The main goal of this article is to focus on one specific disease and the plant medicines involved in treating it.

Skin disease is the ailment on which this article is concentrated which includes boils, eczema, ulcers, warts, spots, erysipelas etc.

The fact for the selection of skin disease is, it is among the best disorders to be treated homoeopathically, and also herbal remedies have long been used to treat skin ailments. Also, mentioned some key points of each medicine for further explanation.


With nature’s remedies so rare,
Our skin troubles we can repair,
Homoeopathic cures for skin disease,
Plant medicine that brings us ease.

With Abrotanum, relief is near,
Chilblains gone, no need to fear
A plant-based cure, so pure and true
Itching gone, bid adieu!

With Agnus castus in her hand,
She walks with grace across the land
The plant medicine, a pure delight,
Prevents excoriation with all its might.

In winter’s chill, an itch appears,
But fear not, for the cure is near.
Aloe socotrina, plant divine,
Will soothe the skin with powers aligned.

Thick scabs and yellow crust,
Skin problems that cause disgust.
Sycosis menti, eczema too,
Water Hemlock or Cicuta virosa can bid adieu.

A nut that marks, a healing balm,
Anacardium orientale, its name is calm.
With power to cure the warts that stain,
The palms of hands, causing so much pain.

Nature’s secrets, a mountain gift,
Arnica montana, simply swift,
Heal internal wounds, soothe pain,
Small boils vanish, health regain.

With Arum triphyllum’s healing power,
Your skin will shed no more in hours;
No scarlet fever can with withstand,
The cure from this plant’s gentle hand.

When bugs and bites cause quite a fuss,
And skin feels fiery with soreness and fuss,
Fear not, for relief is at hand,
With Caladium seguinum’s healing demand.

Calendula officinalis, bright and bold
A remedy that’s worth pure gold
For ulcers irritable and sore
It soothes and heals, and does much more.

Nature knows of a magic cure,
A plant that can make skin so pure,
Thuja occidentalis is what it’s called,
For spots, warts, and scaly skin, it’s enthralled.

Oh! Belladonna, deadly nightshade,
With family Solanaceae, you’re made.
Yet you cure the scarlet fever red,
Smooth and scarlet, as it’s said.

A gift from nature, Camphora’s power,
Cures the skin ailments in a joyful hour.
Measles and scarlatina with no eruption in sight,
Will vanish with a pale face’s delight.

A body in distress, skin in decay,
Ulceration and sloughing, a painful display,
Fingertips bruised, crushed and mashed,
A remedy sought, a cure to be lashed.
Hypericum perforatum, a saviour to find,
Treating nerves rich, a relief to blind.

A potent cure from nature’s hand
Phytolacca decandra at our command
Poke root they call it, skin it blesses
Suppuration hastened, the wound it addresses.

Such beauty in the buttercup.
To heal the pain, what’s up?
Skin problems make us down
But Ranunculus bulbosus wears the crown*
Shingles and corns cause so much strife.
But this remedy brings back life.

Once a skin problem caused concern,
Erysipelas, with vesicles and much burn,
From left to right, inflammation did spread,
But with Rhus toxicodendron, it was finally dead.

A healing touch for palms so sore,
With warts that ache and ache some more,
Ruta Graveolens comes to the fore,
And smooths the skin, like never before.

A healing herb, a wonder indeed,
Sabadilla, our soul does feed,
Dry skin feels parched no more,
Its magic works, like never before.


The troublesome warts, once a blight,
With itching and burning, day and night,
Were cured by Sabina, a delight
Now skin is smooth, a joyful sight.

Nature’s gift can heal and cure,
Staphysagria, a plant pure,
For eczema and warts alike,
With power that’s truly out of sight.

So, trust in the healing power,
Of plants and herbs and Earth’s flower.
Homoeopathic remedies, gentle and pure,
Will make your skin healthy for sure.

So put your faith in the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, and flowers of Earth.

Homoeopathic remedies are single, simple, minimum dose and with no side effects and the treatment is gentle and pure. It will undoubtedly make your skin healthy.

Rhyming or rhyme mnemonics (one of the type of mnemonics used here) are very useful in learning Homoeopathic medicine because, like songs, rhymes and poems are catchy and make it easier to remember information due to the use of repetition and rhyming words.

Every medicine in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica which is a collection of symptoms obtained during drug proving on healthy individuals, contains many symptoms, and according to the most recent records available, there are over 1000 medicines. As a result, learning every symptom of each remedy is difficult.

Kent stated that there is no royal road to a complete understanding of Materia Medica. At its worst, it is a tedious drudgery. Reading 138 printed pages on Sulphur in the Encyclopaedia or 90 pages on Lachesis of Hering’s Guiding Symptoms will give you an idea of its vast scope. It takes a great deal of research, experience, and insight to see some order in such a jumble of symptoms.

There are numerous ways to learn Homoeopathic Materia Medica. For example, Picture presentation type (Materia Medica by Ritu Kinra), group study type (Group study Materia Medica by J. D. Patil), and so on. We can also learn Homoeopathic Materia Medica using rhyming mnemonics. However, the first two learning method discussed will become more interesting and easier by creating poems (rhymes).

Author wants to acknowledge Dr Rajesh K. Meena and Dr Zunnun Ali, for guidance and support.


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