Homeobook.com (formerly similima.com)– is the international platform for homeopathic students teachers and professionals, better called as Facebook or Google of Homoeopathy that packed with genuine stuff. A most dependable, dedicated ,informative, daily updated, well-planned website that serves as a credible platform for the exchange of information amongst members of our homoeopathic fraternity.

Our Aim
The aim of Homeobook is to provide free service to academics, researchers, and students working in the area of Homoeopathic & allied medical sciences. We are open to collaboration with other organisations and institutions worldwide. It would help to provide the authors with the maximum exposure.

Our aim is to create ‘competent’ homeopaths rather than ‘certified’ doctors by providing a network to share resources and improve the quality of delivery of teaching-learning materials in homoeopathy. Our meritorious service by providing precise, self-sufficient & up to date study materials to aspirants of competitive exams, career and placement is unparalleled.

Everything on Homoeopathy
An excellent website providing details on every aspect of Homoeopathy with accurate and updated information. When anybody asking anything about homoeopathy, first thing came to mind of every homoeopath is just go through Homeobook – Maybe a real guide, friend and philosopher for homeopaths at every stage of their journey

The site is the central point for anyone wishing to discover homeopathy on the Net, as is attested to by the average daily number of individual visitors – some 7000. Currently More than 18 lakh visitors per month. The site is accessed principally from the INDIA, USA, Gulf Countries and Asia, but also from 22 other countries worldwide.

Over the past years the site has built up a reputation for accuracy and comprehensive listings, with any new site requesting a listing almost as a matter of course; the site is upgraded every day with more article and features, we offer a number of possibilities to homeopaths . We have used our best efforts to provide articles that contain up-to-date and accurate information


  • This attractive site deals with homeopathic education and research in detail. As the information on this site is very vast, a search engine is incorporated which searches within the site.
  • This site also features BHMS,MD(Hom),PSC,UPSC,MOH(UAE) study materials & original question papers, clinical tips, case studies research articles on homeopathy, links to useful medical & Government sites , new drug proving and thesis from various PG centers.
  • Contains more than 5000 PowerPoint Presentations and lot of Competitive Exam study materials.
  • This portal is supported by leading search engines and linked by leading homeopathic web sites and institutions around the world. A never before website for homeopathic students, teachers and professionals.

No race, institution or no discipline enjoys the exclusive possession of all knowledge. The truth is so vast and comprehensive, that any individual or system can have an only a partial glimpse of it. We believe we must continue our research into all forms of medicines and other related human activities.

We have no doubt that this site will help thousands of Homoeopathic students and those practitioners who will remain students till their end of life and who will be taking Homoeopathy very seriously in their life. Maybe a real blessing for homeopaths at every stage of their journey. Each visit will be really a wonderful and rewarding experience with packed with information on various aspects of homeopathy which is regularly updated

Becoming a Participant
Persons wishing to become Contributors are warmly invited to submit material for consideration to be included as content for the Website. To ensure the highest editorial standards, Team Homeobook may from time to time request information from persons submitting material, and reserves the right to reject any submitted material. Articles are invited (published or unpublished) from teachers, doctors, and students for publishing on this website. Contribute to improving the quality of Homeopathic Medical Education.Whoever takes the help of this portal in their pursuit of education/practice please submit worthy articles to keep this portal healthy and improving.

Be a part of this prestigious website
Your work will become famous in no time! Send your articles and power points to homoeobook@gmail.com

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